Honeywell this week issued a multi-media news release through PRNewswire, intended to give the general public a better idea of end-user consumer technology available in the security industry. The security solutions described in the press release — Honeywell’s Total Connect communication services — are known to dealers in the industry. However, the intended audience for this news is consumers, both homeowners and businesses, to raise their awareness about products and services that can help them manage their security from mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as RIM’s BlackBerry.

The multi-media aspect of the release includes descriptive text, three different videos (highlighting Total Connect services in general, Total Connect video services, and the iPhone/iPad app for controlling a security system). The release also includes photos and related links for more information, providing a comprehensive overview of what these devices and services provide and how they work.

Following is the text from the press release, which was issued on Tuesday of this week, including references to security dealers who can professionally sell and install a Total Connect solution:

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Honeywell (NYSE: HON), one of the world’s longest-running providers of security technology, is helping consumers give their home and business security systems modern-day makeovers using some of today’s most popular mobile devices.

The company’s Total Connect communications service — which consumers use to remotely control their security systems from Web-enabled devices such as laptop PCs and smart phones — now provides streaming video services that allow consumers to view live video of their homes and businesses. The system notifies customers via email of security incidents such as attempted break-ins, and non-emergency events such as a child returning home from school. Consumers can then access the video from a laptop or handheld mobile device. In addition, they can remotely pan and tilt cameras, manually record video clips, or even take snapshots.

Total Connect technology is professionally installed by security dealers across the United States and Canada. Total Connect customers who own an Apple iPhone, an iPod Touch and the newly released iPad can add the functionality to these devices through Apple’s iTunes App Store. These video capabilities are also available for the BlackBerry and other popular devices, including more than 100 other types of cell phones and PDAs.

“Adding these new smart video capabilities to Total Connect provides that additional peace of mind for the home or business owner who is constantly on the go,” said Gordon Hope, general manager of Honeywell’s AlarmNet communications network. “And it’s not only about security. Consumers can check in on their kids, babysitters, employees or elderly relatives who might need special care.”

Among Total Connect’s new video features is the ability to detect movement in specific areas using new Honeywell IP cameras with built-in motion detection. The system can be programmed, for example, to detect motion in a certain area such as a front door step and use email to alert the homeowner, who can then view the camera images remotely from a mobile device — even if he/she is out of town or out of the country.

For business owners or homeowners with multiple cameras, the system allows them to view all cameras on a single screen, or one at a time. Store owners with multiple locations or homeowners with more than one property can manage and view all locations over a secure network with a single login — a time-saving option for both business owners and homeowners with vacation homes and investment properties. “By utilizing some of today’s most-popular consumer devices, Total Connect can make security an easier part of our everyday lives,” Hope said.

Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications service has attracted consumers and businesses alike for its ability to allow people to perform tasks such as arming or disarming their security systems using Web-enabled devices or traditional PCs. In addition to security events, the system can also alert users to environmental events such as basement flooding, a power failure or extreme temperature change that can lead to damage such as frozen pipes. For more information, please visit