Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, Ind., a provider of security and safety solutions and manufacturer of Schlage contactless smart credentials and readers, and SCM Microsystems, Ismaning, Germany, a provider of both contact and contactless security and identity solutions for secure access and a business unit of Identive Group, have partnered to offer enhanced solutions for physical and logical access based on standardized ISO14443 credentials. 


The latest Schlage physical access reader platform utilizes MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 credentials.  When combined with SCM’s secure range of contactless smart card readers, the integrated solutions lets employees use the same card or token to access their PCs and networks as they use to enter company buildings.  As a result, organizations can leverage their investments in physical access systems while securing their IT assets, according to an Ingersoll Rand press release. 


The initial phase of the partnership between the two companies will be an integrated product that enables a fully converged physical and logical access control system.  The companies expect to expand this offering in the coming months through other industry partnerships and provide the market with leading solutions that address the growing demand for standards-based contactless technology.


“By offering standards-based solutions, Schlage and SCM bring significant benefit to the market,” explained Joe Pilozzi, director of business development for SCM. “In contactless credentials, much of what is offered today is proprietary and ultimately controlled by one source which, frankly, limits its usefulness.  Standards-based technology allows solutions providers to respond to what the market needs with greater flexibility and faster response times.  In the end, users need a system that can be more easily implemented, expanded and replicated.”