Networked video surveillance systems based on Internet protocol (IP) represent a sea of change in the underlying technologies for what used to be known only as closed circuit television (CCTV).  Compared with analog CCTV systems, which involve pulling cables and linking system components using standardized connections, IP-based systems embrace a broader range of intricate technologies and variables. 


Initially developed for use with sophisticated computer networks, technologies such as compression algorithms, network switches and SNMP (Simple Network Mail Protocol) can make a digital video solution more flexible, scalable and compatible with a company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure.  However, designing and building an IP-based system requires a new and different skill set for integrators as well as users.


Because the quality of the network infrastructure is the basis of a successful IP-based system, compatibility among system components and the network is a critical consideration every step of the way. Other important issues include bandwidth requirements, storage capacity for digital video, and the quality of service (QoS) needed for real-time video.  In some cases, users can turn to the IT professionals in their own companies for guidance in implementing a digital video surveillance system on the organization’s network infrastructure. Even in instances where a separate, parallel IP network is required for the surveillance system, a user can find expertise in-house to help guide his choices.  For most deployments though, collaboration with a technology partner is the preferred approach.


One of those technology partners supplying a source of networking expertise is the equipment manufacturer.  For example, Samsung Techwin offers product support through the Tech Support Line as well as support for network issues.  The company’s Net Tech Support covers Samsung Techwin’s suite of network (IP) products and is structured to help system integrators communicate knowledgeably with an end-user customer’s IT department or enable them to troubleshoot most networking issues they may encounter when installing a Samsung Techwin camera, DVR/NVR or other system component. Today’s system integrators are rapidly developing the networking expertise required to deliver digital video solutions and become valued partners with the end user in this endeavor. Samsung Techwin’s Net Tech Support is there to assist dealers and integrators in their efforts.


The transition to network-based systems can be a challenging one, but expertise can light the path to an overall better outcome: a dependable system that provides broad functionality. Further, when a physical security system is networked, it can become part of an enterprise’s overall IT infrastructure, and information is the lifeblood of the enterprise. It takes sharing of knowledge and expertise at every level — from the installer to the user company and even the supplier — to ensure such a smooth installation.