There are new tools to accelerate the ability of electronic system contractors to remotely manage and configure the systems installed at their client sites, include remote configuration management, configuration tools management, and real-time configuration information back-up. From Nuage Nine of Bedford, N. H., new features provide monitoring, error discovery and resolution, and error prediction for digital home devices. The new Configuration Gateway, available with version 2.0 of the product, extends Nuage Nine’s remote capabilities to include robust configuration management. This means that contractors can now log in to customer sites from any device in any location and no longer need visit the customer’s homes to change the configurations and set-up of devices.

Using the new tools, the Nuage Nine monitoring appliance becomes a remotely accessible configuration gateway enabling programming and configuration of both IP and RS232 attached devices at customer locations. Access is via any browser, so workers can utilize this capability from smart phones, iPads, PCs or Macs with connectivity being provided over a secure, encrypted connection that requires no changes to customer firewalls.

The Configuration Gateway allows operators to remotely run industry standard toolboxes from control companies such as AMX, Control 4, Crestron and Lutron, while also providing terminal- and Web-based access to all the intelligent devices, which can include receivers, projectors, network devices, control and computer systems within the client site.