Welcome to the inaugural issue of SDM SmartHome, the home control magazine for the security and low-voltage dealer/installer. With this publication, SDM plans to provide information for the residential segment of the security and systems integrator market that includes home control and integration with home computer networks, security and life safety, video surveillance, whole-house audio and video, lighting and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC).

Research by Parks Associates, Dallas, has indicated that a huge gap exists between consumers’ desires for advanced home systems and the current state of installation services available to satisfy this demand.

The niche is in the middle and high middle of the residential market. What people want for their home security, control and entertainment needs is more complicated than they can install and operate themselves.

The use of companies with “geek” in their names indicates this. The best person to install wired and wireless networking, control and entertainment devices is the person already installing the wires and networks for security systems. (See survey on page 52L).

Get a handle on the latest standards and platforms for home control being developed that are included in the cover story beginning on page 52F. Probably the best game plan for now is to stay flexible and adaptable and not to invest too much time or effort in any one system to the exclusion of all others, the author concludes.

This is the type of information for the installing security dealer and residential systems integrator that each issue of SDM SmartHome will provide. Let us know what else you would like to see in the magazine. E-mail Senior Editor

Russ Gager atgagerr@sdmmag.com.