The Repeat-6 six-output HDMI distributor from Radiient Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., allows delivery of a signal from a single HD source, such as a disc player, to as many as six displays or receivers simultaneously. The Repeat-6 automatically determines the highest common format that multiple displays or receivers can accept. This capability makes the device suited for use with any combination of displays and receivers, regardless of their brands. Designed to make installation easy for professional installers, the Repeat-6 has both front- and back-panel IR windows. Set-up can be managed by either an IR remote or RS-232 serial port. The Repeat-6 can be equipped with automation control files that are available as downloads from Radiient’s Web site. The Repeat-6 is HDMI-, HDCP- and SimplayHD-certified and has been tested to perform at full HD 1080p, which supports high-end LCD, plasma displays and other HD media sources including DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, PS3, Xbox Elite, HD satellite and cable set top boxes, and HDMI PCs.Radiient Technologies

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