Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), New Orleans, has announced the integration between HAI’s Lumina central lighting and home automation product line and Tyco’s DSC PowerSeries security panels. HAI’s newly released 2.15 controller firmware adds support for DSC PowerSeries alarm systems for the Lumina and Lumina Pro home control systems. The Lumina and Lumina Pro DSC PowerSeries integration is over a serial connection. The Lumina and Lumina Pro support all DSC PowerSeries models and require either the DSC IT-100 integration module or DSC PC5401 serial adapter. The Lumina supports up to 32 security zones from the DSC security panel and the Lumina Pro supports up to 64 security zones from the DSC security panel. With the integration, the Lumina or Lumina Pro can trigger events from the DSC security zones when they are opened or closed, such as turning the foyer light on when the front door is open if it is dark. The Lumina or Lumina Pro can also trigger events when the DSC security system goes into alarm, such as turning on all inside and outside lights when a burglar or fire alarm is tripped.HAI

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