Installers and technicians can calibrate displays and projectors more accurately using Sencore’s all new non-contact tri-stimulus ColorPro color analyzer. The speed, low light accuracy, and low cost of the OTC1000 make it a calibration solution for manufacturers, home theater installers, digital cinema integrators and beyond. The OTC1000 has been in development for more than five years, resulting in a non-contact colorimeter that has low light accuracy – accurate down to 0.01 fL and a new user interface – with advanced features and the new Ambi-Block technology. It also has measurements closely matching human eye response using highly accurate tri-stimulus filtering methods capable of measuring to extremely low light conditions. The OTC1000 takes continuous constant-rate (less than 1 second) measurement updates at light levels down to 0.01 fL. It’s also non-contact – using a laser-aiming tool for proper screen alignment. Setup is quick, straightforward and the user interface is easy to use. New software includes: ambient light cancellation – allows accurate calibration of displays regardless of ambient light conditions; video generator control – makes calibration much quicker, especially pre-cal and post-cal capture; expanded database for capturing “as is” information on the display under test; and expanded reporting functions and features.


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