Having recently crossed its 60th year and more than two decades of producing the Macro-Tech series of power amplifiers, Crown International, Anaheim, Calif., is commemorating both milestones with a special, one-time production run of its MA-2402, MA-3600VZ and MA-5002VZ as “Anniversary Edition” models. A very limited quantity of these amplifiers will be produced – only 600 in total will be available worldwide – each of which will feature a visually striking copper-plated front panel (including handles, knobs, buttons, etc.) and will be shipped in a custom wood crate. The product also will be accompanied by a special brochure chronicling the history of the product from its initial concept through today as well as a specification sheet detailing the actual benchmarked performance of that very amplifier, signed and numbered by Crown senior vice president of research Gerald Stanley.

Crown International

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