RS2 Technologies LLC released its Access It!® Lite.NET access control software. This is the new, enhanced version of the company’s Access It!® Lite software. The new version was written for Microsoft’s Windows 7, using Microsoft’s .NET architecture and Compact SQL Server database engine. “…We think that the exciting things for our dealers and end users are the enhancements and new features that the .NET framework has allowed us to bring to our Lite software,” said RS2’s Doug Robinson. He lists some of those enhancements:

  • Lite.NET now talks to all Mercury hardware, rather than just the 2g and MINI-SCP.
  • The software will support up to 64 readers, double the previous version’s 32.
  • Auto hardware detection upon installation. (Previously, new hardware had to be added manually.)
  • Lite.NET runs as a service, making client/server use much more robust and easier to set up.
  • An all-new user interface with many shortcuts and usability enhancements.
  • Lite.NET now supports up to five clients (compared with the previous three).

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