CTRing announced its newly released HD-SDI standalone DVR, αSeries. The product is capable of recording full HD video up to 1080p 30, which is transmitted from the connected HD-SDI cameras over the coaxial cable. Many full HD (1920 x 1080) cameras are being released; however, standalone HD DVRs, which can be connected to these HD cameras, have not been released in the market yet, the manufacturer said. Therefore, customers are using HD network cameras and NVRs, yet they are difficult to install/use and the video file size is too large and eventually overloads the network, the company stated. CTRing’s HD-SDI DVR is easy to install and convenient to use, and it can be installed and used in the same way as analog DVRs: Simply connect the HD-SDI DVR with HD-SDI cameras over the coaxial cables. αSeries supports 4 HD-SDI video inputs of 1080p 30 resolution, full HD VGA and HDMI video outputs with 1920 x 1080p resolution. As for storage capacity, αSeries is able to be connected to a maximum of 4 HDDs and 1 DVD-RW inside of the unit, two additional e-SATA external storages, and each of the e-SATA can include up to 4 HDDs. Furthermore, αSeries provides a network connection which will allow consumers to monitor their own DVRs from anywhere at any time.


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