Emergency Phone Wall Mount


Talk-A-Phone released a new version of the ETP Series Emergency Phone Wall Mount, designed specifically for mass transit applications. The unit was developed for train platforms; it features an emergency trip button, which can cut power to the tracks. In case of an emergency, the emergency button can be engaged to halt an oncoming train. By pushing the “Info” button on the faceplate, the analog or IP phone automatically dials a pre-programmed number connecting the user with an operator. Only authorized personnel can disengage the emergency trip button using a special key. Talk-A-Phone’s new ultra-bright all-LED Blue Light is housed inside the Mass Transit Wall Mount, providing visibility at great distances. When the emergency trip button is engaged, the LED Blue Light begins flashing, attracting attention to the scene. Talk-A-Phone has been manufacturing communications products in the U.S. for more than 75 years.


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