Control4, a provider of affordable IP-based home control systems, announced that it signed a strategic agreement with Cisco. Cisco is leading an investment in Control4 (with other unannounced investors). What will the collaboration between the two companies include The collaboration will include the integration of Control4® technology into Cisco’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and the introduction of Cisco-branded Control4® products. Additionally Control4 will become a key member of Cisco’s ecosystem in delivering specialized applications to meet the needs of Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities and utility customers and deliver on the vision of Smart+Connected Communities and Cisco’s Home Energy Management Solution.

“Both Cisco and Control4 share a vision of delivering a connected world where we all lead better and simpler lives,” said Control4 chief executive officer, Will West. “The integration of Control4’s operating system is a key component of the value proposition for Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities vision to use the network as the platform to build smart, green and connected communities around the world and helps bring the benefits of automation and control to potentially millions. This relationship is a great validation of our licensing strategy and will accelerate our international growth and reach with consumers, businesses and utilities.” Control4 is a provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control of consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface.

"Cisco envisions a future where successful communities and cities will run on networked information enabling economic, social and environmental sustainability for citizens,” said Wim Elfrink, chief globalisation officer and executive vice president, Cisco Services. “Cisco’s collaboration with Control4 will offer our customers the network as the platform to transform and manage their properties, enhance economic development and city management, and improve energy management and citizens’ quality of life.”

Smart+Connected Communities projects will provide tenants of these communities the ability to automate and control lighting, temperature, entertainment, communication, security and energy use. Cisco is enabling an end-to-end, highly-secure Smart Grid communications infrastructure that will help utilities, businesses and consumers better manage and reduce energy consumption. The Cisco Home Energy Management Solution empowers consumers to effectively conserve and mange household energy consumption.

Cisco will integrate the award-winning Control4® EMS 100 as an element of its comprehensive offering to global utility customers in the growing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) space. The Cisco-branded solution builds on Cisco's sustainability platform to utilize the network to increase energy efficiency, create new tools for 'energy-aware' city management, and enable customers to make decisions on energy that can help reduce costs, increase reliability, and benefit the environment.

The Control4® EMS 100 is a bundled solution comprised of an EC-100 energy controller, a 4.7" touch-screen with full color interface that provides feedback on electricity consumption and costs, Control4® ADVANTAGE software, and a WT-100 ZigBee wireless thermostat. The EMS 100 solution provides customers of utilities with information about their energy use and the ability to react to demand response event signals during peak load periods. The Control4® EMS 100 platform has been selected by NV Energy, AEP, OG&E, and other leading utilities to connect consumers to the smart grid. For information, visit