Audio-Video receiver

Audio-Video Receivers With or Without Network Connectivity

Sherwood America Inc. is offering two new audio-video receivers. The RD-705i network receiver (pictured) streams Internet audio, including Internet radio, with 802.11n Wi-Fi ability and compliance with UPnP for home networking. The 7.1 channel dual-zone receiver has HDMI 1.4 capability, making it 3D ready, and the full complement of Dolby and DTS high-resolution audio formats. It provides 100 watts for each of its seven channels of amplification and also offers optional Bluetooth connectivity. Setup and integration into existing networks is both easily and quickly accomplished with one-touch setup and UPnP. The new RD-7505 offers identical audio-video performance without networking. Through its HDMI 1.4 capability, the 7.1 channel RD-7505 provides support for the new connectivity standard’s 3D picture capabilities. Due to its HDMI repeater, it can internally process the Dolby TruHD and DTS-HD Master Audio high-resolution audio formats, and it also provides processing for Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, DTS 96/24, DTS ES and DTS Neo6.

Sherwood America Inc.
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Coax Tester

Tester Finds & Identifies Coax Cables

Platinum Tools® announced that its new 4Mapper Coax Tester is a solution to find and identify single or multiple coax cables connected to televisions, security cameras, splitters, monitors or routers. “Made in the USA and fast and easy to use, the individually identified custom remotes allow the user to track up to four connections at a time from the main cable box,” explained Platinum Tools’ Lee Sachs. The device — no bigger than the palm of your hand — includes features such as the EZ 1-button design; display of pass, open or short; integrated tone generator; automatic power off; line voltage warning LED; flashing low-battery LED; long battery life; and more.

Platinum Tools
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Wireless Chime Operates up to 250 Ft.

STI announced the improved Wireless Chime, part of the company’s expanding Home and Work series of products. This musical wireless doorbell chime is quick and easy to install, with no electrical wiring and no through-the-wall drilling. The Wireless Chime (model STI-32500) now offers an operating range of up to 250 ft. between transmitter and receiver. Select one of 13 sounds with the push of a button on the transmitter. Easy to use, installers simply mount the wireless button next to the door, plug the receiver into any indoor electrical outlet and the chime is ready to operate. It includes two 3-Volt lithium batteries for the transmitter. Ideal for a home, store or office, it is easy to distinguish between front and back doors by adding transmitters and selecting a different sound on each. The chime also can be used as a pager for family members who require special care. It is ETL listed and FCC certified.

Safety Technology Int’l Inc.
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Media Streamer
Digital Media Streamer Enables Listening to 4 Simultaneous Audio Signals

Russound announced a versatile new addition to its C-Series line of multi-room audio products that provides audio streams from networked-based digital music sources so they can be enjoyed in any room in a home. The new Russound DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer delivers up to three simultaneous stereo digital audio streams for distribution around the house. The sources for these three audio signals may be from the Internet or from music files on connected storage devices. A fourth simultaneous signal is available from the DMS-3.1’s built-in AM/FM stereo tuner. Occupying just one rack unit, the sleek unit features rear panel stereo audio output jacks for each of the three audio streams, plus another pair for the tuner, and a Source ID switch for each stream to easily identify it within the system. Russound

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Double-sided locks

Double-Sided Locks Are Useful for Pool Gates

Alarm Lock’s 5300 series Double-sided Trilogy locks are being used on pool gates for homeowner associations. The easy-to-use keypad door lock program (with fingertip-at-keypad or via PC) provides security by only allowing tenants and authorized personnel to get in safely. The Double-sided Trilogy lock’s real-time clock allows schedules to be set to limit access during pool hours. Secure access for each user can be set for one or both sides of the door. Alarm Lock
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Compression Tool

Compression Tool Simplifies Installation
The OmniSeal Pro XL compression tool from Ideal allows installers of home theater, satellite, CATV and security systems to terminate connectors onto coaxial cable in a smooth, one-cycle full ratchet motion. It provides a permanent, high-integrity connection of F-type, RCA, RG11, BNC and mini connectors. Because of its universal design, the OmniSeal Pro XL eliminates the need to carry multiple crimp or compression tools, according to the manufacturer. It is factory-preset and calibrated to terminate all Ideal-branded compression connectors. In addition, it can terminate other manufacturers’ connectors simply by adjusting the tool’s plunger depth; no adapters required. There is also a handy 7/16-in. hex socket built-in to install CATV connectors.

Ideal Industries Inc.
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In Wall Touch Panel
In-Wall Touchpanel Controller Combines PC Power With Ease-of-Use ControllerRemote Technologies Inc. (RTI) announced that it is now shipping the RK10 in-wall controller. Designed to take full command of a room’s environmental and information technology, the RK10 combines the power of a PC with the reliability and ease-of-use of an intuitive touchscreen control system. Featuring a 10.2-in. TFT widescreen LCD touchscreen and a powerful Intel® Atom processor, the RK10 allows for control, Web browsing, IP camera monitoring, and more. The controller features a fully programmable and intuitive user interface courtesy of RTI’s Integration Designer® software, making it easy to display custom buttons, text, and graphics. A built-in wired and wireless (802.11 b/g) Ethernet connection allows access to video from network security cameras, convenient programming, full two-way communication with RTI XP series control processors, control of PC music libraries and more. 
Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI)
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Low-Profile Flush Wall Mount

Low-Profile Flush Wall Mount for Large Flat PanelsVideo Mount Products’ new FP-LFVB flush wall mount holds most large flat panels from 42 to 63 in. and up to 150 lb. Installed at only 0.85 inches off the wall, the FP-LFVB has been designed with today’s new thin and light LCD and LED panels in mind. The unit has a maximum flat panel hole pattern of 890 mm x 540 mm and comes in a black powder coat finish. (A silver powder coat finish is also available.) “Our new FP-LFVB flush wall mount has been designed for numerous applications, most importantly for those installs where a large flat panel needs to be mounted as close as possible to the wall,” said Keith Fulmer, Video Mount Products. “The FP-LFVB is installer- and user-friendly, reducing installation time for multiple installs, including residential, commercial, educational and professional applications.”

Video Mount Products
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HDMI® Extenders Transmit Uncompressed Signals up to 330 Ft.

Crestron announced its new line of HDMI® extenders. The HD-EXT extends HDMI signals long distance over a single low-cost shielded twisted pair wire. Uncompressed, high-definition audio/video signals are transmitted up to 330 ft. without loss of signal quality using DM 8G wire. With no special setup or configuration required, installation is easy and inexpensive, the company said. As a standalone system or part of a complete Crestron control system, HD-EXT makes HDMI long distance transmission and distribution simple, reliable and affordable throughout the home, classroom, boardroom or commercial building. Two HD-EXT models — HD-EXT1-C and HD-EXT2-C — serve a wide variety of applications. The HD-EXT1-C includes a compact HD transmitter and receiver that carry high-definition digital video and audio, plus two-way RS-232 and IR control signals, simultaneously over a single DM 8G STP cable. For applications requiring the extension of analog audio signals along with HDMI signals, the HD-EXT2-C substitutes the RS-232 and IR control with stereo analog audio support.

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Out-of-the-Box Solution for Multi-Zone Music  ATON™ introduced the pre-programmed whole house Music & More System, the ATON AH66T Kit. It features the AH66T multi-source, multi-zone controller plus six OLED2 touchpads that offer full-color graphic control and feedback. With built-in programming to run sources such as the iPort® and Lutron™ RadioRA®2, the affordable multi-room audio solution allows dealers to rapidly deploy a first-time or add-on audio system with iPod® and lighting control capability ready to go. The AH66T features a built-in, RDS-enabled AM/FM tuner plus six additional sources, rated at 60 watts of power per zone with a line level pre-output for subzones. The kit comes with six OLED2 in-wall capacitive-touch touchpads, featuring full-color OLED displays. OLED, or organic LED displays, are designed for displaying the system’s metadata text, graphics, channel icons and more. 

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New Platform Brings Wireless Intelligence to Lighting Control
Daintree Networks Inc. announced ControlScope™, a wireless lighting control platform designed to enable lighting manufacturers and solution providers to bring more cost-effective, easy-to-implement lighting systems to market. ControlScope platform is a software-based solution that provides the core wireless network communication and controls intelligence for large-scale, standards-based wireless lighting control.Through ControlScope, all components of a lighting system, including fixtures, sensors, ballasts, LED drivers and wall switches, can communicate wirelessly with each other, reducing system cost and complexity while increasing control capabilities. The ControlScope Manager, Daintree’s Web-based application, allows facility managers to remotely set control strategies that are applied wirelessly to individual zones, or across the building or enterprise.
Daintree Networks Inc.
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Multi-Room Audio Systems
Multi-Room Audio Systems
Home Automation Inc. (HAI) announced that the Hi-Fi 2 by HAI multi-room audio system is now available for worldwide distribution. The base system of Hi-Fi 2 features eight zones and eight sources and may be expanded to 16 zones. Installation remains simple with standard Cat-5 wiring and standard speaker wire. The powerful, yet compact Hi-Fi 2 plays music from devices the user already owns (or new devices they wish to purchase), and is so easy to operate that anyone can enjoy it, the company said. Zone amplification is 25 Watts RMS at 8 Ohms per channel (50 Watts per zone) and four zones have outputs for additional amplification. Hi-Fi 2 functions as a stand-alone installation. It also may be integrated with an HAI Music Gateway or home control system for enhanced features including control from an iPhone or iPad, and automated functions like turning off all audio zones when exiting the home.
HAI (Home Automation Inc.)
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Interface and Phone
Handheld Is Both a Control System User Interface & Phone
Savant Systems LLC introduced the Savant Touch Remote, a handheld interface featuring an embedded iPod touch®. Savant said its Touch Remote will revolutionize the concept of remote control by integrating the familiar functionality of the iPod touch into a traditional remote control form factor that operates freely from room to room just like a wireless touch panel or Savant’s iPad™ solution. The Touch Remote supports Savant’s On-Screen Display technology, providing control over everything from lighting, home theater, whole-house automation, media, security, networka cameras, climate control — any home appliance connected to Savant’s control platform. Through Savant’s iPBX™ telephony platform, the Touch Remote is also a phone, enabling users to communicate to other zones within the home as well as to the outside world. “The Touch Remote leverages the functionality and high performance that Savant brings to control and automation by being the world’s only 100 percent Apple-based solution,” said Savant’s Bob Madonna.
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iPad app
New Apple® iPad™ App for Light Control System
Lutron Electronics announced the availability of an Apple iPad app for its RadioRA 2 total light control system. The app is designed to control lights, shades, temperature and appliances, adding convenience and the benefits of saving energy throughout the home. The app allows homeowners to: monitor and control their system while away from home (ideal for vacation properties); enact a temporary, energy-saving “green” mode that reduces light levels and turns off unneeded appliances; personalize programming with a real-time level editor; and control multiple homes from one iPad. Introduced in 2009, the RadioRA 2 total light control system is scalable to 200 devices, programs quickly using an intuitive PC application, integrates with popular home automation systems, including Lutron shade and drapery systems, and includes many energy-saving features. The system utilizes Lutron’s patented Clear Connect™ wireless technology.
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
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Home energy display
Display Boils Energy Use Down to Dollars & Cents
GE announced a new addition to its Brillion™ suite of home energy solutions: an intuitive home energy display that provides a continuous audit of household energy consumption in kilowatt-hours and in estimated dollars spent. GE’s energy display with Brillion™ technology communicates with the utility smart meter on the house to provide consumers with near real-time energy data to help them make smarter energy choices. The anticipated deployment of approximately 40 million smart meters in the United States between now and 2012 makes it possible for consumers to get access to more near real-time energy data, GE said. The Brillion™-enabled energy display will receive signals from smart meters and provide continuous energy information in an attractive and intuitive format, including: near real-time energy use and cost information; time-based pricing; historical energy usage; energy analysis; and messages. It can be installed as a stand-alone device or communicate with Nucleus™ energy manager.
GE Appliances & Lighting
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Wireless Subwoofer Kit for Hassle-Free, Wire-Free Bass
Klipsch Group Inc. (KGI), owner of the Klipsch®, Energy®, Mirage® and Jamo® audio brands, announced the launch of its Wireless Subwoofer Kit, which the company said is its first product that offers superior wireless flexibility to its high-performance subwoofers through plug-and-play functionality. The wireless subwoofer kit, model WA-2 (wireless access), connects directly to the “WA port” on the rear panel of select Klipsch, Mirage, Energy and Jamo subwoofer models so-equipped. This wireless kit allows for convenient bass enhancement of music, home theater and whole-house audio systems. It also allows a consumer to transfer the low frequency effects signal wirelessly from an AV receiver, for example, to a compatible KGI subwoofer. The WA-2 allows for significant enhancement of whole-house audio/in-wall/in-ceiling systems, often lacking in bass response, through flexible placement of the subwoofer(s) into various rooms.
Klipsch Group Inc.
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Virtual Keypad Looks Like an Actual Keypad
iPhone, iPad, Droid, Blackberry — with Napco you can put the easiest remote control in your residential and commercial alarm accounts’ hands for increased recurring revenue and customer retention. What they see on the wall at home or work is what they see on their smart phone. Napco’s Gemini Remote Virtual Keypad looks, acts and works the same way — button-for-button. Any command the user can do on premises they can do from anywhere they have cellular service or a PC. Technicians can use it, too, for remote troubleshooting and address programming. It includes free apps and secure website access. It works on all Gemini Systems.
Napco Security Group
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Locks for Digital Home
Company’s First Locks Designed for the Digital Home
Yale Locks & Hardware introduced its first locks specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into the digital home. The new deadbolt and lever locks are the first products in the Yale Real Living™ portfolio of residential access control and home security solutions. Available with either a sleek capacitive touchscreen or pushbutton keypad, Yale’s new platform of intelligent locks supports both Z-Wave® and ZigBee®, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of systems. Users will have access to a high degree of functionality, including the ability to lock and unlock doors from any Web-enabled device. Features include voice-assisted programming in English, Spanish and French; personalized access control scenes for up to 250 users; and access to all user programmable settings are available to the controller interfaces.
Yale Locks & Hardware, an ASSA ABLOY Group company
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IR remote Extender
IR Remote Extender Enables AV Source Control Up to 2,200 ft
MuxLab Inc. announced the latest addition to its AV connectivity portfolio, the IR Remote Extender Kit (500600). Developed for the custom residential and commercial AV market, the IR Remote Extender allows up to four AV sources to be remotely controlled from one video display via Cat5e/6 twisted pair. Typically, IR remote control systems are limited to approximately 200 ft. However, the IR Remote Extender supports remote IR control up to 2,200 ft. via Cat5e/6, thereby supporting a wider range of applications. It requires only one twisted pair and provides access to the unused twisted pairs for other low-voltage services such as balanced audio-video, and may be used in conjunction with other MuxLab audio-video baluns. MuxLab Inc.
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