The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) of Rosslyn, Va., offers “The 5 Ls of Lighting: The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing Energy-Efficient Lighting.”

Helpful to electronic system contractors, this educational guide for the transition to more energy-efficient lighting can be downloaded at

The 5 Ls of Lighting provides a brief overview of the fundamental information about the new lighting energy efficiency standards that roll out nationwide starting January 2012 and that began in California in January on this year. The five Ls in the title stand for location, lumens, light bulbs, label and law.

“It is essential that consumers are provided with the correct information about the transition to more energy-efficient lighting,” says NEMA President and Chief Executive Officer Evan Gaddis. “There have been media reports about the lighting transition that have been inaccurate and have caused confusion. We want to set the record straight, and The 5 Ls of Lighting does just that.”

This guide empowers consumers with the knowledge they need to take advantage of new light bulb technologies. It explains the implementation dates of the law and highlights the variety of light bulb options available. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 is neither a ban on incandescent light bulbs nor a compact florescent lamp (CFL) mandate.