Linear Intercom
Linear’s DMC3-4 system uses unique retrofit frames that eliminate the need to repair drywall in most homes and are paintable to match any room décor.

Over the past 50 years that Linear LLC, Carlsbad, Calif., has been in business, many technologies have come and gone. One of the keys to succeeding over the course of 50 years is to continuously provide products that bridge the gap between old and new, and Linear’s DMC3-4 music communication retrofit system does just that.

Homes with intercom systems already in place can easily upgrade to the DMC3-4 music/communication retrofit system from Linear and turn the home’s intercom system into a music distribution system furnishing sound for music and voice throughout the home. The system has the ability to communicate and monitor up to 15 rooms and supplies digitally-tuned AM/FM radio to each of them.

Because it connects to existing wires, this system can replace almost all older intercoms without the need to repair drywall. The DMC3-4 also allows home owners to upgrade to new music technology as it works with the optional DMC1 iPlay™ iPod® Dock — MP3 and CD player, which connects to all digital music sources, including Apple iPod, iPhone®, MP3 players, smart phones and CD/MP3 disks. The DMC1 iPlay is a new digital music source for the Linear DMC1 and DMC3-4 music/communication systems that is designed to transform the DMC system into a digital music and entertainment hub. It allows the sharing of portable music, podcasts, even digital audio books, throughout the home. A five-button interface provides an iPod or CD source select button and controls for CD operation.
The system also bridges generations of music technology by offering a multi-CD changer to customers as well. Customers with CD collections don’t have to pack them away — they just need to opt for the DMC1CD 6-disc CD changer.

“There have been so many iPhones, iPods and MP3 players sold recently that the technology was definitely transitioning to MP3s from CDs, which is a change this product addresses. But you still also have people who want to utilize thousands of CDs that they have invested in over the years. This product accounts for them both,” said Gary Baker, vice president of marketing, Linear. “To be around for 50 years, you have to be both an innovator and make sure you bridge the new technology with the old.”

The system also helps bridge old installations in existing homes with new technology with its retrofit capability — and it doesn’t require a complicated installation by installers.

“This system is very easy to retrofit old intercoms and it lets you exchange out the old control panel and use existing wiring. It literally is taking something out of a box and connecting a few wires. It is an attractive product — one of the best-looking intercom and music systems out there — and it has multiple benefits that home owners are looking for while providing the easy installation technicians want,” Baker said.

Benefits home owners want, easy installation and retrofit opportunities — all music to an installer’s ears

Linear contributed to the KB Home Greenhouse™: An Idea Home Created with Martha Stewart, a single story, 2,667-square-foot home in Windermere, Fla. The home, now complete, was designed to demonstrate new directions in technology, comfort, affordability and earth-friendly living.

Linear equipped the Idea Home with intercom and whole-house music systems, ceiling speakers and a structured wiring network.

“Linear was proud to be a sponsor of the KB Home Greenhouse: An Idea Home Created with Martha Stewart.  Over the past 50 years, we have learned that it’s critically important to participate in and support projects like this one that celebrate innovation and ingenuity within the home-building industry,” said Baker.

The Linear products featured Linear’s wiring, video and telephone hubs and a grid-style enclosure as the backbone of the home’s entertainment and communications systems; a telephone interface hub; a bi-directional video hub amplifying incoming video signals and outputs to up to eight TVs; a DMC-10 intercom system; and an Encore digital audio distribution system. For information, visit or