HAI audio system

HAI launched a stand-alone audio package that allows HAI’s iPhone app to connect directly to the Hi-Fi 2 and Music Gateway systems without requiring a home control system. The Hi-Fi 2 recently received CEA’s Mark of Excellence Platinum Award Winner for structured wiring, while the Music Gateway was a finalist in the media server category.

HAI’s Hi-Fi 2 by HAI is a distributed audio system with both local and remote inputs for increased ease of installation. The Music Gateway stores and serves thousands of songs to HAI’s Hi-Fi 2. Joining HAI’s Music Gateway with the Hi-Fi 2 by HAI provides enhanced features. The Hi-Fi 2 Volume Source Control (VSC) can display metadata such as artist name, song title, and more. Homeowners can jump through songs in their audio playlists using the VSC. Use the VSC to access songs on the 500GB hard drive and watch shared network folders for song selection.

HAI’s iPhone app now connects directly to the Hi-Fi 2 without requiring a home control system — meaning an iPhone or iPod Touch becomes an instant remote interface for the   audio system. It can be used just like the VSC to jump through audio playlists, control different sources and control different zones. The product package is intended for both domestic and international markets. The VSC displays multiple foreign languages, and the iPhone app is available in several languages as well.

For information, visit www.homeauto.com.