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Bosch Security Systems Inc. announced it extended its range of solid-state illuminators with the AEGIS SuperLED White Light version. The new illuminator delivers instant start-up white light to enable clear, accurate color surveillance images at night and to enhance safety in high risk areas. The AEGIS SuperLED White Light unit features high-efficiency LEDs with a color temperature that precisely matches the sensitivity of video camera sensors, assuring surveillance images with maximum color rendition. This feature reduces image noise and increases the video signal to dramatically improve night-time imaging. The unit features Bosch’s 3D Diffuser Technology, which distributes illumination evenly between a scene’s foreground and background, eliminating image “hot spots” and underexposed areas, while allowing surveillance cameras to operate within their correct dynamic range. The illuminator has instant start-up, a typical operational life in excess of five years, and low power consumption compared with other types of lighting.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.
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