Avigilon, Vancouver, a provider of high definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance solutions, earned the 2011 “Team of the Year” award from the British Columbia Technical Industry Association (BCTIA), an industry-funded organization with over 2,700 member companies and 60,000 member employees. The 2011 BCTIA “Team of the Year” award, which was presented to Avigilon’s Manufacturing Operations Department, acknowledges a team of individuals at a non-executive level who have made a significant contribution to the overall success of their organization during the past year.

“The BCTIA ‘Team of the Year’ award validates the invaluable contribution that Avigilon’s Manufacturing Operations team has made to our business,” said Alexander Fernandes, president and chief executive officer of Avigilon. “Our manufacturing operation is a tremendous example of the kind of high-quality manufacturing that is taking place locally and proof that Canadian companies can cost-effectively manufacture high-quality goods at home.”

The BCTIA “Team of the Year” award recognized the crucial role that Avigilon’s Manufacturing Operations team played in helping Avigilon increase productivity and operational efficiencies. The establishment of Avigilon’s Manufacturing Operations team in 2010 resulted in the following benefits to the company:

  • Enabled 100 percent ROI on initial investment in manufacturing operations.
  • Reduced product delivery times from weeks to days.
  • Reduced the cost to manufacture the Avigilon HD Surveillance solution by 20 percent and the cost to manufacture circuit boards by 50 percent.
  • Enabled additional savings through increased product quality.