VidSys, Vienna, Va., a provider of physical security information management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, collaborated with the United States Park Police (USPP) on a technology trial to protect the hundreds of thousands of people from around the country during the annual Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C.  The VidSys PSIM software system was leveraged to monitor for, respond to and manage potential security threats throughout the National Mall and Memorials area.

The VidSys PSIM software system integrated, correlated and analyzed data across the disparate security systems and devices in place throughout the National Mall and Memorials area, providing the USPP and other government agencies with the shared intelligence and appropriate standard operating procedures necessary to effectively work together to pro-actively identify and resolve situations. By providing one common operating picture, commanders had complete area visibility, enabling them to identify hot spots and prioritize resources throughout the weekend as situations arose.

“Every year, large crowds assemble here to celebrate the birth of our nation and we are tasked with protecting their safety as well as the area’s national icons as part of the critical infrastructure delineated by the Department of Homeland Security,” explained Captain David Mulholland, commander of Technology Services, United States Park Police. “Software that delivers real-time information, analysis and situational awareness to our commanders and enables us to collaborate in real time with our partner agencies to ensure effective responses to unfolding situations is a critical need.”

The VidSys PSIM software trial began with the 2011 Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally held in Washington, D.C. during the Memorial Day weekend, attracting about 400,000 veterans who participate as a tribute to American war heroes. During both events, the software increased safety and security and reduced emergency response times, minimizing risk and lowering operational costs.

 “After successfully managing the safety and security of the Rolling Thunder rally attendees in May, we worked closely with the United States Park Police to replicate our preparation for the Fourth of July celebration, knowing that we would be managing a larger crowd,” said James Chong, founder and chief technology officer, VidSys.