AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc. announced a set of 5.8 GHz long-range wireless Ethernet solutions. This new product line allows you to build line-of-sight, point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet connections that link “fringe” IP devices, such as video surveillance cameras or other devices needing robust and secure high data rates. The radios are packaged in rugged and weatherproof die-cast aluminum enclosures and are available in both directional and omnidirectional antenna configurations. The 5.8 GHz unlicensed band allows a maximum of 4 Watts EIRP in point-to-multipoint configurations for maximum range and interference penetration. The directional flat panel antenna version provides 23 dBi gain and is intended to serve as a subscriber unit. The omnidirectional unit provides 9 dBi gain in the horizontal plane and is designed to serve as the common access point. The flat panel antenna radios are also available as a pre-configured matched pair bridge (AW5800HTP-PAIR) for point-to-point fixed connections. This new long-range 5.8 GHz wireless Ethernet solution is designed for applications that require higher data rates up to 5 Mbps and is ideally positioned to support IP-based megapixel surveillance cameras.

AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc.

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