As SDM’s Doug O’Gorden and Laura Stepanek toured the show floor of CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis earlier this month, they collected information from exhibitors about new products they thought would be especially appealing to security professionals. The trends: The degree of interoperability with security controls is ramping up, providing greater control over lighting, thermostats, locks, and more. Video analytics are now converging with home control. The first residential locks that can be operated by a mobile phone have been introduced. There’s a significant focus on easier installation and programming for technicians. And, the apps for mobile control continue to roll out.

As pronounced at SDM’s booth at CEDIA Expo: “Caution. Reading SDM smartHOME causes diversification, increased RMR, faster installs & increased sales.” Just look closely at these new innovations and see if there may be sales opportunities awaiting you.


6280i Tuxedo Touch from Honeywell

Honeywell Demonstrates Security Integrated With Home Controls

Honeywell’s technology lineup at CEDIA Expo 2011 highlighted the growing trend of residential security systems to become increasingly intertwined with other home systems designed to help homeowners improve comfort while saving money. Among the products the company exhibited was the new 6280i Tuxedo Touch™ touchscreen, a device that allows homeowners to manage safety as well as energy costs by controlling window shades, locks, lighting, thermostats and security. The 6280i Tuxedo Touch will be launched later this year. “We’re seeing a new era of home security in which it’s no longer enough to have security kept apart from other home systems,” said Rob Puric, director of residential intrusion systems, Honeywell. “People want homes that make their lives easier, more comfortable and safer. New products like the Tuxedo Touch touchscreen were designed with that demand in mind and to give integrators smarter options for creating these connected homes.” The 6280i Tuxedo Touch touchscreen communicates with Z-Wave® protocol-enabled lighting systems, locks, shades and thermostats. A built-in Web server allows homeowners greater convenience by accessing and controlling the device using laptops, PCs, smartphones and mobile tablets without an app. For information, visit



ClareHome on devices

IP Video Solution With Analytics Added to Home Automation System

ClareVision is an IP video surveillance solution from Clare Controls that provides built-in analytics, easy scalability and a wide assortment of end-user control options. The ClareVision system includes a comprehensive catalog of cameras, encoders, NVRs and accessories required to configure an IP surveillance application to each user’s specific requirements.  The “brain” of the system resides in its advanced analytic capabilities, which are embedded in every ClareVision camera and encoder. These intelligent algorithms support applications as simple or as complex as the user desires. ClareVision can be implemented as a robust standalone solution in commercial or residential applications, or integrated into a fully automated solution. ClareVision snaps seamlessly into ClareHome, Clare Controls’ home automation solution — the first home automation system managed from the cloud and run on a Mac, according to the company. Doing so enables end users to incorporate IP video into home control views that they configure and re-configure without dealer assistance, on their favorite devices. A user can, for instance, add a front door cam view to their kitchen iPad, along with lighting, temperature and audio controls. For information, visit



First Residential Locks to Use Mobile Phones as Keys

Yale Locks & Hardware, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, demonstrated a version of its Yale Real Living locks with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at CEDIA Expo recently. The Yale Real Living line is the company’s first locks specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into the digital home. Yale expects to be the first U.S. brand to offer residential locks with NFC capability. What’s more, this Yale Real Living line will be compatible with the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys platform, which allows credentials to be distributed securely through NFC-enabled mobile phones as an alternative to mechanical keys and physical access cards. NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology standard that enables the exchange of data between devices up to a 10-centimeter distance. Available with either a sleek capacitive touchscreen or pushbutton keypad, Yale’s new platform of intelligent locks supports both Z-Wave® and ZigBee®. For information, visit



LCD Color Touchscreen Wireless Remote Keypad

New LCD Color Touchscreen Wireless Remote Keypad

2GIG Technologies released its new secondary wireless LCD color touchscreen keypad. Similar to its flagship Go!Control panel, 2GIG’s new bidirectional keypad boasts a 4.3-in. LCD color touchscreen and provides a convenient, easy-to-operate user interface. The keypad provides remote arming/disarming functionality, voice announcements for status, alarms, and complete home automation control. Up to four secondary keypads can be programmed to work with a Go!Control panel. 2GIG is a Principal Member of the Z-Wave Alliance. For information, visit



Terra Loudspeakers LuminSound, outdoor LED lighting and sound

Superb Sound & Efficient Lighting in a Flexible, All-Weather Package

Terra Loudspeakers developed a new lifestyle outdoor LED lighting and sound reproduction system called LuminSound. The impetus is to deliver superb quality audio and highly efficient and flexible LED lighting from an attractive and totally weatherproof stealth black bollard (bollard is a lighting industry term describing short, post-like fixtures). “We believe the LuminSound concept and the LS.32, in particular, represents a solution that has never existed before. When installed as a package it’s a complete outdoor, high-fidelity entertainment system (all that’s required additionally is a source) that’s also an advanced LED lighting system,” said Terra’s James Banfield. The aluminum grille that surrounds the speaker housing is available in three standard colors — black, aluminum or copper. The LS.32 is a 32.5-in. high black column and may be ordered as either a down or up light to illuminate a pathway/patio, greenery, or other architectural elements. The upper section contains a Terra-built weatherproof 5.25-in. co-axial loudspeaker while the lower section contains weatherproof MR-16 multi-LED lamps. For information, visit



Lutron Electronics Home Control System for iPad

Home Control App for Android Devices, Updated App for Apple Devices

Lutron Electronics announced the release of its Home Control+ app for Android devices, as well as enhancements to its version for the Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®. The apps control Lutron’s RadioRA® 2 and HomeWorks® QS total home control systems. The new versions of the Lutron Home Control+ app, version 3.X, include several new features, including the ability to edit and save, in real time, light and shade levels programmed to keypad buttons and timeclock events using the Level Editor; the ability to control Sivoia® QS Venetian Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment; the ability to view and edit setpoints and HVAC schedules; the ability to directly control three-wire AC motor loads (Apple devices only); and more. Lutron’s Home Control+ app is available now on iTunes® and the Android Market for $19.99. For information, visit



Crestron control system

A Platform for the Future of the AV Industry

Crestron brought out its new generation MC3, the first 3-Series™ control system powered by Core 3 OS. Developed and engineered like an IT platform, rather than an AV system, the 3-Series platform is designed to provide a foundation for powerful advanced home control. The MC3 combines the agility and speed of a computer operating system with the reliability of a network appliance, enabling real-time multitasking to seamlessly run up to 10 independent programs simultaneously, all communicating with each other on the same platform. “As an industry, we have to start thinking about AV as infrastructure, rather than as a standalone entity,” said Crestron’s Fred Bargetzi, “Homeowners want all their systems — lighting, HVAC, AV and others — on a single platform, but until now, no one has been able to offer a solution.” Upgrades can now be performed on any individual subsystem while allowing the other programs to run seamlessly in the background, the same way IT performs upgrades. For information, visit



Elk Products touchscreen keypad

New Touchscreen Keypad for Elk’s Control

Elk Products displayed at CEDIA EXPO its new Navigator, a stylish touchscreen keypad for use with the M1 Cross Platform Control product line. This brilliant, full-color 3.5-in. touch-sensitive display has easy-to-use graphic icons and softkeys. It comes with a designer white bezel, but can be converted to black or silver. Navigator connects to and is powered by the M1 control keypad data bus via CAT5 or CAT6 cable. It is a low-profile, surface-mount device that fits a “new work” single-gang box turned sideways.  (An optional raceway back box is available for solid wall mounting.) “This device makes programming very fast and simple through an easy-to-understand and intuitive full-menu display.  End users will also like the ability to see multiple activities or systems at a glance. The Navigator is very responsive to touch and can be set up to go completely dark after a period of inactivity,” said Elk Products’ Todd Hudson. For information, visit



Arlington's 8161 series security fixture boxes

Install Electrical Equipment on a Corner With New Fixture Box

Arlington’s 8161 series of fixture boxes offer flexible installation solutions to mounting security cameras, detectors or other items indoors or outside. Now, with the new one-piece fixture box with corner mount bracket (8161CB), you can install various types of electrical equipment on the corners of interior or exterior walls. The box accommodates fixtures, cameras, detectors, weatherproof floodlights and other miscellaneous electrical items with the same standard screw pattern as a 4-in. fixture box. It’s rated to hold up to 10 lb. The 8161CB Corner Mount Fixture Box is non-metallic, UV-rated for long outdoor life. The one-piece unit ships assembled. For information, visit



Yale Lock's and Hardware locks for the digital home

Touchscreen Locks a First in Yale’s New Portfolio

Yale Locks & Hardware, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, demonstrated at last month’s CEDIA EXPO  its first locks designed specifically to integrate seamlessly into the digital home. These new deadbolt and lever locks are the first products in the Yale Real Living™ ( portfolio of home control and security solutions. Available in both durable acrylic touchscreen or simple, elegant, tamper-resistant keypad, Yale’s new platform of intelligent locks supports both Z-Wave® and ZigBee®, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of home control and security systems, including Control4, the Vera Z-Wave® home control system by Mi Casa Verde, and’s emPower™, among others. With the Control4 system the user can create personalized events or scenes for up to 250 users triggered by the push of a button from anywhere in the home or remotely via the Internet. Users will be able to lock and unlock doors from Web-enabled devices or create customized entry scenes. The locks are available with either a sleek capacitive touchscreen (pictured) or pushbutton keypad. “Our locks were designed from the ground up specifically to interface with today’s home control systems. As a result, they will provide more seamless operation and a wider degree of functionality than our competitors’ offerings,” said Jason Williams at Yale Residential. For information, visit



Proficient's Music in Minutes kit

Dealer Demo Kit for Wireless Audio System

At CEDIA Expo, Proficient showed its Music in Minutes™ kit, which is designed to help installing dealers demonstrate and sell the new Proficient Zero Wireless Music System. Proficient installing dealers will be able to demo wireless home audio to their customers without having to run any wires across the house.The kit will consist of a Proficient Zero Wireless System, a pair of Proficient AW400 speakers and connecting cables, all enclosed in a durable, aluminum flight case. “According to our dealers, demonstrating our wireless system has resulted in profitable attachment sales, which can be sold and installed on-the-job the same day,” according to Proficient’s Keith Marshall. The Music in Minutes kit will begin shipping at the same time as the Proficient Zero Wireless Music System in the fourth quarter, and will be available to Proficient installing dealers free with the purchase of three Proficient ZERO Systems. For information, visit



Lutron Electronics HomeWorks QS system

Home Control System Updated With Keypad, Temp. Control & More

Lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics announced several new product enhancements for its HomeWorks QS system, including a new keypad, temperature control, new features for its dynamic keypad and new, money-saving processor enclosures. The temperature control offers increased convenience and energy savings. Lutron entered the thermostat business earlier this year with the introduction of temperature control for its RadioRA® 2 total home control system. The HomeWorks QS HVAC controller with wireless temperature sensor features a three-part design, allowing each component to go where it makes the most design sense. There is the seeTemp wall control, the wireless temperature sensor, and the HVAC controller. The new LV-14 processor enclosure is a small form factor enclosure, perfect for smaller systems, retrofits, shade-only applications and jobs that use power panels with breakers and need separate enclosures for processors. For information, visit



HAI home control systems

HAI Adds Configuration by Room Update to Home Control Systems

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) announced a significant update for its controllers and interfaces, allowing configuration of items by room. Now, homeowners will be able to use their iPhone, iPod, or iPad to quickly dial into a specific room. From one page, they can access everything in that room, including settings for lights, temperatures, audio/video, and more. Using HAI’s PC Access software, dealers can provide custom room text like “Living Room,” “Master Bedroom,” and “Patio,” and classify which automated devices belong in every room. That information is then distributed to and accessible from every enhanced interface in the home. This enhancement will first be available for Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone, and will be incorporated into HAI’s other award-winning interfaces. “The room enhancement is particularly useful for large residences and small commercial spaces, some of which have over 200 lighting loads and dozens of thermostats,” explained HAI President, Jay McLellan. “This architectural change, along with the storing of installation settings, is an impressive installation development for our dealers.” For information, visit



Leviton interface

New Z-Wave Pathway Product

Elk Products offers a new Z-Wave pathway product called the ELK-M1XSLZW. This product interacts with Leviton’s VRC0P-1LW module and allows the ELK M1 Cross Platform Control to access and control Z-Wave certified products including the wireless Black and Decker (Kwikset) and Schlage locks — both locally and remotely. The M1 uses its powerful rules-based engine and user interfaces to send and receive commands from Z-Wave devices to adjust lighting, thermostat and more. This product was developed for use by professional integrators and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2011. For information, visit;



Lutron Honeywell Thermostat

Lutron Expands Temperature Control With Honeywell Thermostat

Lutron Electronics expanded its line of temperature controls with the addition of a co-branded Honeywell touchscreen thermostat called TouchPRO. The combination of Lutron and Honeywell technology offers consumers the convenience of controlling heating and cooling systems to save energy throughout a home. The thermostat communicates with Lutron systems that also control lights, shades and standby power from small appliances. The Honeywell thermostat complements Lutron’s existing temperature control solution for its RadioRA® 2 system and for its HomeWorks® QS system. These total home control systems operate via Lutron’s Clear Connect™ wireless, RF technology, and can be installed easily in any home. The Honeywell thermostat offers numerous benefits, including an intuitive touchscreen interface, an easy retrofit installation, and access to its extensive contractor network. The all-in-one thermostat design includes temperature sensing and HVAC connections on a single surface-mounted unit. For information, visit



Crestron's Mobile Pro G Control App for Android

New App for Android™

Crestron’s Mobile Pro® G Control App for Android™, the latest addition to its Mobile Pro™ line, turns any Android™ device into a fully functional Crestron touch screen, allowing homeowners to control lighting, thermostats, entertainment, security systems, and other connected systems from virtually anywhere, anytime. Crestron’s family of Mobile Pro™ apps transforms Apple® and Android™ mobile devices into powerful, portable remote controls for Crestron and Prodigy® whole home automation systems. Homeowners can control multiple locations, such as a primary residence, vacation home, and office, from the single application. The intuitive graphical interface provides real-time status of room temperatures, audio volume and metadata including album, song and artist, shade positions and lighting levels. The Mobile Pro App for Android™ is available for easy download from the Google Apps Marketplace. For information, visit



Business Support CDs for Professional Integrators

 Bedrock Learning, a connected home and commercial training provider, released new and updated business support CDs, each featuring more than 80 customizable forms and in-depth industry troubleshooting techniques. The Business, Sales, Project Management and Troubleshooting CDs are designed to equip professional integrators with the ability to organize and streamline business processes without re-inventing the wheel and can be implemented immediately. “Our new line-up of business support CDs covers all of the concepts needed for businesses to really refine their processes and increase profitability,” said Helen Heneveld, president of Bedrock Learning. “With many of the key forms now in fillable PDF files, it is quick, easy and accurate to record information gathered. The Troubleshooting CD empowers technicians in the field with helpful tips and tricks, contributing to the bottom line.” Bedrock Learning’s support CDs sell for $149 each, with discounts available when purchased in bundles. For information, visit