The CheckVideo IP Camera incorporates a camera, DVR and high-performance video analytics in one device. It works with the cloud-based CheckVideo Software Service to provide an expandable video surveillance and recording system with video management functionality. CheckVideo sends real-time alerts that users can act on to verify and prioritize alarms. The software service “watches” the CheckVideo IP camera for events of interest and extends the security perimeter to outdoor areas where PIR motion detection may not be effective. Video alerts are based on the presence of people and vehicles, not just motion, and can be sent to a central monitoring service, e-mail addresses, smartphones, and the CheckVideo Web portal. The IP camera gives dealers and end users a way to connect to a monitored service or engage in self-monitoring without additional capital investment in software or servers. The camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use and doesn’t require additional hardware or software on site for installation. Configuration and management are completed remotely over the Web.


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