Five burglars trying to outsmart the security system at a Pompano Beach perfume warehouse failed against Sonitrol’s audio intrusion detection technology.

The thieves pulled up to International Brand Trading around midnight, equipped with a generator with a saw tool attached. Their plan was to avoid the alarm contacts they expected would be along the door’s top edge by cutting through only the bottom half of the door. That plan was thwarted when their lookout spotted a police cruiser heading toward the scene.

What they didn’t know was that the verified intrusion detection system inside the warehouse was sending a live audio feed to the Sonitrol central monitoring station.  Operators were able to hear all the exterior noise they made and immediately alert the Broward Sheriff’s Office, providing a real-time, verified report of the burglary in progress. 

Knowing this was not a false alarm, deputies were there in less than five minutes. Upon arrival they spotted a truck with its lights off leaving the scene. The deputies stopped the truck, finding the generator and various burglary tools. All five suspects were taken into custody. 

The burglars caused an estimated $1000 in damage trying to enter the warehouse, but they never made it in. “High value, easy-to-transport merchandise makes the perfume distribution industry a popular target for thieves,” said John Ray, III, president, Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. “Sonitrol’s unique audio technology can give business owners an edge. The ability to detect activity from the outside — before the bad guys get in — provides a crucial layer of protection through early detection.”

International Brand Trading had Sonitrol install the sensitive audio detection system about three years ago, Ray added.