Flir_A310FLIR Systems Inc. unveiled two thermal cameras, designed specifically to monitor power substations and other critical assets. The FLIR A310 f is a fix-mounted FLIR A310 enclosed in an F-series environmental housing, protecting it from the elements while enabling remote monitoring with real-time video over an IP network. FLIR A310 pt is a pan-tilt system with two environmental housings: one for the A310 and the other for a daylight camera.

Remote asset monitoring is important because thermal imaging can play a pivotal role in determining critical temperature issues before they cause catastrophic failures. Now with the addition of calibrated thermal data, users can make mission-critical decisions remotely and reduce costly downtime maintenance problems. FLIR A310 f and A310 pt enable utilities to improve facility safety and reliability of power delivery while reducing costs. From deterring copper theft to identifying potential problems before they become disasters, A310 f and A310 pt give utilities more control over their substations.

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