RazberiWhen GVI Security closed its doors in August, the most likely outcome was its award winning razberi™ integrated network video recorder was gone for good. The original inventor, industry veteran Tom Galvin, however, purchased the technology and intellectual property, and will be returning an enhanced version of the product line to production. The new company is called Razberi Technologies and has already opened their doors in Carrollton, Texas near Dallas. Its website is now live at www.razberi.net.

“We are really pleased to be able to return the razberi™ to production” said Galvin. “The idea of combining a network video recorder, a PoE switch, storage, and video management software into one easy to use and install appliance got a lot of industry attention.” Combining these functions into one device saves time for installers in selecting and installing an IP-based system. The risk of purchasing a component that can’t support the demands of a megapixel environment is eliminated, the company said.

The new company will focus on IP video technology, an enhanced line of line of razberi™ recorders and IP cameras. Shipment from new production will begin in the next few weeks, and orders are currently being accepted. The company will provide help desk support for its new products, as well as the legacy razberi™ recorders and autoIP™ cameras previously sold by GVI.