Network storage devices

Iomega, an EMC company, announced Iomega StorCenter network storage devices that provide economical local and cloud video surveillance solutions for SMBs and distributed enterprises. Customers operating limited surveillance assets are not confined to using analog technology because of cost; they have the option to reap the benefits of cost-effective IP surveillance, according to the company. Iomega StorCenter network storage products have integrated the Axis Video Hosting System (AVHS). The integrated AVHS client enables customers to store video files locally at megapixel resolution and high frame rates while supporting simultaneous streaming or batch uploading of video data to a secure off-site storage facility developed by their hosting provider. Iomega StorCenter network storage devices with AVHS are designed for professional-level video surveillance with fast onsite camera deployments, which can be beneficial for organizations with many locations, such as franchises and bank branches. The combination of Iomega StorCenter devices and Axis network cameras allows customers to select different recording and retention policies for both on-site and off-site video files.


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