Siqura B.V. PTZ dome camera

Siqura B.V. released a line of advanced PTZ dome cameras for harsh environments. Through pressurized dome housing, the Siqura camera line ensures airtight protection against excessive moisture, dirt and pollution. This makes these cameras ideal for situations such as seaports and highway tunnels. The Siqura pressurized PTZ dome cameras have an IP67 ingress protection rating and the housing is constructed of materials designed to withstand intense levels of solar heat (945 VA UV protected). Pressurizing the housing — particularly with inert nitrogen gas — prevents moisture, pollution and dust from damaging the camera. The pressurized PTZ dome series includes analog and IP options. The cameras feature 400-deg. per second preset positioning capability, 26X or 35X autofocus zoom lens, and 12X digital zoom. Each camera is capable of quad-streaming.

Siqura B.V.

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