Carbon monoxide detector


DMP 1184 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

The recently announced DMP 1184 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector was listed by the California State Fire Marshall (CSFM) for use in residential and commercial installations. The features and reliability of the 1184 make it an ideal choice for difficult-to-wire locations, applications where room aesthetics are critical, or where hazardous materials are present. It is the latest addition to the growing selection of reliable DMP wireless security devices.

“For many DMP residential and commercial installations, wireless is increasingly the way dealers and end users want to go,” said vice president of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “When you consider all the advantages of relying on wireless technology, it’s no surprise that so many installations today are going wireless. DMP is supporting that trend by identifying the wireless devices most in demand and meeting that demand with reliable DMP wireless technology.”

The 1184 relies on electrochemical sensing coupled to the widely used DMP 1100 Series wireless transmitter. The sensor provides an early alert of potentially harmful levels of carbon monoxide in residential or commercial installations. In addition, it also transmits trouble, tamper, and low-battery messages to the panel. As a wireless device, the 1184 can be placed in the optimum location to ensure early detection and warning.

The Survey LED feature of the 1184 makes one-man installation fast and easy. The Survey LED turns on whenever data is sent to the receiver and then immediately turns off when the receiver acknowledgement is received.

In addition to the CSFM listing, the 1184 detector is also listed for ANSI/UL 2034 Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide Detectors and ANSI/UL 2075 Gas and Vapor Detectors and Sensors. It is compatible with all DMP Panels.