Speco DVR

Speco Technologies’ DVRPC16T is a 16-channel DVR server with intelligent analytics and dual gigabyte NICs. The DVRPC16T is a hybrid DVR that provides dual network cards and IP camera support for most popular brands including those with megapixel resolution. Dual NICs increase throughput and increase security by separating IP cameras to their own network to help minimize degradation of other networked applications. The DVRPC16T server features intelligent analytics that can indentify missing or suspicious objects by its ability to count objects going in one direction or another. A Virtual Fence feature can define specific regions to tell if an object has entered or left a scene and from which direction. The Face Finder feature will detect and capture a human face from live and recorded video, and archive it for future reference. Cloud archiving is a tool that allows a user to pull data off the DVR’s database from a remote location. It also allows a user to configure what time to archive and what data is pulled off the database automatically. This tool also can be used locally to the DVR from a remote location. An advanced search function allows for simultaneous view/playback and users can review hourly increments or specific 15-minute interval timeframes, all within a quad-storyboard view.

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