Exit detector

Bosch Security Systems Inc. introduced enhancements to its DS150i and DS160 request-to-exit detectors. Improvements in the design result in a 40 percent increase in reliability, helping reduce service calls once the detectors are installed, according to the company. The detectors include built-in spike protection, which eliminates the need to add a separate module to prevent significant voltage spikes on the relay contact. This feature — along with the use of DIP switches that make configuration easier and a new auto-sensing 12 to 24 V voltage regulator — aims to reduce installation complexity and improve the efficiency of technicians in the field. Sound output also has increased through the implementation of a more effective sounder and circuit design, allowing users to increase the volume by more than 10 percent over previous models to fit individual needs and preferences. The DS150i and DS160 devices detect motion in their coverage area and signal an access control system or door control device. They can be used with single or double doors and are wall or ceiling mountable.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.