CheckVideoCMSCheckVideo, Reston, Va., expanded its product line with Ruggedized Outdoor Mobile Sentry (CMS4000). CMS4000 is a self-contained, cloud-based, wireless intelligent video surveillance solution that only requires power to be added. It replaces conventional video surveillance products and allows for one-stop intelligent video surveillance in virtually any outdoor or remote location, even in the absence of security and IT infrastructure, the company stated.

CMS4000 “watches” video 24/7 for events of interest and sends critical, real-time alerts users can act on to notify authorities of an incident. CMS4000 detects the presence of people and vehicles, not just motion, reducing nuisance alerts. Video alerts can be sent to a central monitoring service, email addresses, smartphones, or the secure CheckVideo Web portal via Sprint’s nationwide wireless network. CMS4000 also continuously records video 24/7 for forensic use. Live, recorded, and event video from any camera in the system can be viewed remotely anytime and anywhere from the CheckVideo portal.

CMS4000 is designed to meet diverse customer needs. Example end users include construction sites, parking lots, storage depots, utilities, municipalities and schools. CMS4000 doesn’t require additional hardware or software on site or specialized IT skills for installation. Customers can select from a menu of accessories that include outdoor IR cameras and pole mounts to facilitate installation. All configuration and management of the system is completed remotely over the Web, keeping additional service calls to a minimum. For information, visit