AVAD Rolls out Tech Support for Integrators

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution Partners With DFI Software & FarPointe Data

Lutron Electronics Sets Residential Opportunities Tour Dates

BRS Labs Joins CNL Software’s Technology Alliance Program

Image Resolution Calculator Available Online

HD Camera Storage, Streaming Video & Alarms Fully Integrated With OnGuard

Audio Analytic Technology Can Help Enhance Intercom Security

IVC Applies for Patent on Enclosure Technology

S2 Security Introduces New Product Category

Genetec-Bosch Integration Covers Full Product Line

Certificate Renewal Program to Save Users Time & Expense

SureView Brings out a Cloud Solution for Central Stations

New Educational Website on Surge Protection Is Launched

RIM BlackBerry® App for Total Connect™ 2.0 Remote Services

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Releases Its 2012 Product Catalog

Free Installation Standard for FOA Members



AVAD Rolls out Tech Support for Integrators

AVAD LLC, a distributor of custom electronics, now provides dealers with live technical support capabilities. The AVAD Tech Support team can be contacted directly between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST via the toll free phone number, 855-244-8911, or via email at techsupport@avad.com.

“Unlike other distributors that rely solely on third-party technical support, AVAD has made the investment in our dealers’ businesses by providing direct and easy access to an in-house team of product and systems experts,” said Jim Annes, vice president and general manager of AVAD. “The AVAD Tech Support team is ready and able to assist our dealers with their unique needs, from programming to trouble-shooting complex whole-home and business automation projects.”

For information, visit www.avad.com.



Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution Partners With DFI Software & FarPointe Data

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution announced the addition of both DFI Software and FarPointe Data as vendor partners.

DFI’s Digital Contract software solution allows security companies of all sizes to easily produce professional, legally binding contracts and agreements. According to Tri-Ed / Northern Video, Digital Contract offers installing dealers and integrators many features and benefits to help them run their businesses, including customizable digital contracts and proposals that capture and bind legal signatures to their agreements. The software’s Pay Now feature reduces accounts receivable and enables sales staff and technicians to process credit card and debit payments, as well as credit approvals, on-the-spot for immediate authorization, according to the announcement.

Digital Contract also offers a Panel & Peripheral Compatibility Matrix for the industry’s top-selling alarm panels, minimizing the learning curve for staff and ensuring the right product is being sold and eliminating hardware compatibility issues. Its Data Control Fields assures that customer information is accurate and eliminates the need for monitoring stations to interpret hand-written details which can lead to false dispatches and liability issues.

FarPointe Data is an independent manufacturer of access control readers, cards and tags.

“The design specifications, superior manufacturing process, and competitive pricing along with reliable performance make FarPointe Data a preferred choice of professional security installers,” noted Jeffrey A. Stout, director of Network Solutions for Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution.

For information, visit www.tri-ed.com.



Lutron Electronics Sets Residential Opportunities Tour Dates

Coopersburg, Pa.-based Lutron Electronics scheduled its North American 2012 Residential Opportunities Tour. It is designed to educate Lutron’s RadioRA 2 dealers, HomeWorks QS dealers and new this year — architects, designers, builders and remodelers — on various topics.

Targeted sessions:

RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS advanced technical training including basic shades qualification, sales and marketing training, and a specifier session including a CEU.

The individual tour experiences cover three days:

Day 1

RadioRA 2 Half-day Advanced Technical Session. Aimed at programmers, system designers and project managers from RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS qualified accounts.

Basic Shades Qualification Half-day Session. Aimed at RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS qualified accounts that are not currently qualified to sell and install Lutron shading solutions.

Day 2

Sales and Marketing Full-day Session. Aimed at principals, sales leaders and marketing leaders from RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS qualified accounts.

Day 3

HomeWorks QS Full-day Advanced Technical Session. Aimed at programmers, system designers, and project managers from HomeWorks QS qualified accounts.

Specifier Full-day Session with CEU. For architects, lighting designers, interior designers, builders and remodelers.

The 2012 tour dates are:

February 20-22 in New York City

February 27-29 in Boston

February 28-March 1 in Chicago

February 28-March 1 in Los Angeles

March 5-7 in San Francisco

March 5-7 in Minneapolis

March 12-14 in Ft. Lauderdale

March 20-22 in Seattle

March 20-22 in Houston

March 26-28 in Vancouver

March 26-28 in Dallas

April 10-12 in Toronto

April 10-12 in Denver

April 16-18 in Phoenix

April 23-25 in Atlanta

April 23-25 in Detroit

For information, contact ResiOppsTour2012@lutron.com



BRS Labs Joins CNL Software’s Technology Alliance Program

CNL Software (www.cnlsoftware.com) and BRS Labs Inc. (www.BRSLabs.com) jointly announced a technology partnership between the two companies. The partnership, under the CNL Software’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP), will allow the companies to share development kits, thus creating close integration between their products. The integration will bring together industry-leading incident analytics with industry-leading situation management software, the companies stated.

AISight™, created by BRS Labs, is the industry’s first behavioral recognition solution for the video surveillance industry that observes, learns and responds to unusual activity, and memorizes these behavioral patterns as well as objects over a period of time. Specifically designed to autonomously serve as the eyes and brain for critical security environments, AISight™ is able to integrate with existing video surveillance infrastructure and identify unusual and suspicious behavioral patterns in real time.

“We are excited to be partnering with BRS Labs, as they have a unique product in the marketplace. Together we have a shared vision of increasing the efficiency of control rooms by reducing the amount of human intervention needed, which not only reduces costs but also reduces the potential for operator error,” commented Adlan Hussain, marketing manager at CNL Software.



Image Resolution Calculator Available Online

American Dynamics is making Theia Technologies’ award-winning Image Resolution and Lens Calculator available on its website at www.americandynamics.net. The calculator is a tool that allows users to input video surveillance parameters, and provides the corresponding image resolution to help the user understand what level of detail can be seen. It gives a designer a good indication of whether their proposed choice of equipment will work prior to installation and testing.

“As the industry moves to higher resolution cameras and lenses, many users are still unfamiliar with what can be seen in a megapixel camera image. This tool will be a significant help to integrators and specifiers as they plan installations, camera counts, and scene coverage. American Dynamics is pleased to provide this valuable tool to their customers from their website,” said Steve Carney, senior product manager of IP Cameras and Encoders for American Dynamics.

Theia has applied for a patent for the calculator and its unique image resolution simulation functionality. The calculator app version for iPhone and Droid was honored with the ISC New Product Showcase award for Tools and Hardware in 2011 at ISC West.



HD Camera Storage, Streaming Video & Alarms Fully Integrated With OnGuard

VideoIQ’s iCVR-HD high-definition cameras received Lenel factory certification for their interface to the OnGuard™ solution from Lenel, adding to their existing iCVR encoder, indoor D1 camera and outdoor D1 camera certifications. The integration with the iCVR-HD line of cameras includes access to VideoIQ’s onboard NVR storage, live video streams and event notifications. VideoIQ is a member of the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP).

“Joint customers can proactively control, monitor and respond to potential security threats because VideoIQ has validated the functionality of its distributed storage and HD capabilities as they interface with OnGuard,” said Gidon Lissai, director of strategic alliances, Lenel.

“Our customers can now benefit from VideoIQ’s simplified infrastructure, reduced bandwidth requirements, edge storage and intelligent streaming without any customer integration or installation complications,” said Mark Gally, vice president of marketing, VideoIQ.

VideoIQ’s iCVR onboard storage provides months of recording, while eliminating the need to backhaul video to central storage servers — reducing bandwidth consumption by more than 90 percent, the company said. OnGuard offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production and employee and visitor management functionality.



Audio Analytic Technology Can Help Enhance Intercom Security

Zenitel AS, supplier of the STENTOFON® brand of security communication systems, and Audio Analytic Ltd. struck a licensing agreement integrating Audio Analytic’s new sound recognition technology with STENTOFON communication systems. This integration of audio technology will allow STENTOFON intercoms and information/help points to automatically alert security CCTV operators to car thefts or break-ins (car alarm detection), office or building break-ins (glass-breakage detection), verbal and physical violence in hospitals, prisons and reception areas (aggression detection), and firearm crimes (gunshot detection). Intercom analytics will do what video can’t: detect crimes and events by analyzing audio; detect off-camera events or areas where cameras are not located; and detect events regardless of lighting conditions, stated Zenitel AS.

Audio Analytic’s technology is designed to recognize complex sounds by using advanced psychoacoustic modeling, the science behind how humans distinguish and understand the meaning of sound. Audio Analytic develops and markets software that recognizes sounds by means of computer analysis. The CoreLogger™ sound recognition software can detect a variety of sounds depending on the type of Sound Packs™ installed with high levels of ambient noise.

“This new audio analytic software, integrated into our intercoms, will recognize a range of sounds including voice aggression and even key words that might be spoken in a heated or violent situation,” said Kenneth Dastol, CEO of Zenitel. “Intercoms in the past have had a very small degree of accuracy and consistency in identifying unusual sounds. The difference we see now with this advanced software is the capacity and degree of precision it provides. This integration offers a new level of surveillance and security for all types of applications,” Dastol explained.

“We are very excited about this collaboration. Zenitel is a leading provider of intercoms and we are pleased that they have selected our solution as being the best technology for their needs,” said Dr. Christopher Mitchell, CEO of Audio Analytic, which is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. “With the significant domain expertise of both companies, we are looking forward to working together to make safer environments for people and organizations the world over.”

This solution is now available for Zenitel customers who want to add this technology to their existing applications. Zenitel and Audio Analytics have partnered to create a range of integrated security solutions.

For information, visit www.stentofon.com or www.audioanalytic.com.



IVC Applies for Patent on Enclosure Technology

Industrial Video and Control (IVC) announced that it has applied for a patent on a new technology it has developed for its industrial camera enclosures. Designated the L-series, these new camera enclosures will be made from carbon fiber compounds and are designed to operate in hazardous areas rated Class I Division 1.

The first L-series cameras are PTZ cameras with multiple camera imaging and lighting options including thermal. The first product in this series is a Class 1 Division 1 portable PTZ camera with built-in illuminators that weighs only 25 lb. It is designed for portability and other applications where weight is a concern.

“We have just completed our initial certification testing with Factory Mutual and we are very excited,” said Bill Richards, IVC’s vice president of engineering. “These new enclosures have exceeded our expectations. We are also pursuing opportunities to apply this technology to other industrial instrumentation that is complementary to our cameras.”

An ISO 9001 certified company, IVC provides IP-based video solutions by combining high-quality cameras, enclosures and software for industrial, commercial and military applications.

“This new technology will further cement our reputation as a leading video camera provider to the petrochemical industry. We expect these new cameras to be a big winner for us,” said IVC’s president, Norman Fast.

For information, visit www.ivcco.com.



S2 Security Introduces New Product Category

S2 Security Corp. introduced an entirely new product category with the launch of its VR Series. The first of the VR series, the Pronto VR and NetBox VR are fully integrated, small-scale, Web-based total security management systems that couple high-performance video capabilities with S2’s access control and monitoring software in a single network appliance. These systems are designed specifically to suit the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, as well as high-end residential applications.

The systems’ 100 percent Web browser-based user interface makes the VR Series easy to learn and operate, from any location — while retaining all of the sophistication and tight integration that users have come to expect in S2 products, the company stated. Metadata shared from the access control and monitoring subsystems enables forensic capabilities that make finding, reviewing, and mining event-related video quicker than ever before, according to S2 Security.

“With the launch of our VR Series, S2 is creating a completely new product category that not only integrates video with physical security in one powerful and easy system, but is also very comfortable to use,” said John Moss, CEO of S2 Security. “Most importantly, the VR Series lets S2 system owners get more out of the video they capture, providing a new level of security awareness.”

Moss said the VR Series is unique in giving users advanced surveillance and sophisticated video search, without sacrificing usability. Features include:

• Web interface provides complete access to and control over video surveillance from any location.

• New surveillance capabilities enable immediate retrieval of video from the activity log, camera positioning from the landing page, and bandwidth control in real time.

• Forensic desktop feature integrates transaction history with recorded video, and allows users to review hours of video in seconds by compressing time in replays.

• Users can search for video in a variety of ways, including by time, person, event or camera location.

• Forensic Case Library allows users to save, export and share video evidence.

• Advanced software supports frame rates typically seen only in installed-client applications.

• No per-camera licensing fees.

Pronto VR systems are available from S2 and its distributors, and NetBox VR is available from S2 to its certified integrator channel.

For information, visit www.s2sys.com or contact Jamie Farrell at jfarrell@s2sys.com.



Genetec-Bosch Integration Covers Full Product Line

Genetec announced that its integration with the full line of Bosch Security Systems’ devices goes beyond basic functionality to offer customers deeply compatible solutions.

Genetec and Bosch have been technology partners in physical security industry for years. Over time, both leaders have developed a business relationship that ensures all camera integrations are tested and certified, product roadmaps are strategically aligned and there is interoperability between firmware and software, the companies said. This translates to offering joint-customers fully supported and compatible solutions for a variety of security and public safety applications.

Most notable is the full integration with Genetec’s unified security platform, Security Center, including Omnicast, its video surveillance system, and Bosch’s new line of high-definition (HD) cameras. This includes Bosch’s AutoDome pan-tilt-zoom family, the Dinion and FlexiDome series of day/night fixed cameras, and the IP Camera 200 Series for small businesses. Support for Bosch’s Divar 700 hybrid video recorder (HVR) was also recently announced with the release of Omnicast 4.8, making Genetec the only video surveillance vendor to support this HVR (see related announcement on page xx).

Although both partners are actively involved in ONVIF standardization efforts, the depth of integrations between the firmware and software go far beyond the support of standard features, the companies said. Genetec-certified integrations include the support for Bosch-specific features such as video quality settings, key frame interval configuration, multi-streaming, the ability to record multiple streams, multicasting directly from the camera, motion detection and edge analytics. Security Center and Omnicast also support Bosch PTZ controls, audio in/out, digital I/Os, firmware upgrades, edge recording and a feature enabled by both vendors’ technologies called Video Trickling.

Omnicast is also currently the only video surveillance system that fully supports Bosch’s Video Recording Manager (VRM) technology. The VRM centrally manages direct-to-iSCSI recordings from Bosch IP cameras and encoders, distributing the load across the available storage devices. The integration enables the Omnicast Archive Player to request and playback video from a Bosch camera configured on a VRM server.

Other Bosch solutions currently supported within Security Center are Bosch G Series control panels for intrusion detection. With this integration, users have a single and easy-to-use platform from which to manage and monitor their video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems.

Rudolf Spielberger, head of Technology Partner Program, Bosch Security Systems, IP Video, said, “Bosch and Genetec have had a strategic partnership for over 10 years and together, have witnessed the successful completion of many large global projects. This long-standing relationship contributes to a very unique difference in our joint offering— unmatched deepness of integration that gives customers access to all the leading innovation from both hardware and software.”


Certificate Renewal Program to Save Users Time & Expense

Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell launched a new training certificate renewal program together with its 2012 schedule of more than 100 fire alarm training courses in the United States. The training courses and certificate renewal program qualify students for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

At the request of its customers, Fire-Lite Alarms created a program to allow experienced fire alarm installers having attended a Fire-Lite Systems course in the past six years to renew their training certificates. The majority of the renewal program is done at the student’s convenience through a series of interactive online modules covering technical control panel information and each ending with a brief quiz. Students who successfully pass the online program will receive 0.7 CEUs and become eligible to take a written final exam to earn a new training certificate, valid for three years.

“This program will make it easy for regular Fire-Lite dealers to renew previously obtained training certificates while reducing their time lost in the field to attend a three-day, instructor-led training course,” exclaimed Tom Rosa, Fire-Lite Alarms’ training supervisor. “And we’ve packed even more dates and locations into this year’s schedule, which includes classes for those new to Fire-Lite products as well as those seeking more advanced technical training.”

Fire-Lite Alarms trainers and equipment will be visiting nearly 60 U.S. cities throughout 2012 to offer its Software Applications and free Fire-Lite Systems introductory courses. Certificate renewal exams will be offered at the majority of these locations. From fire alarm basics to advanced applications and programming, Fire-Lite Alarms’ courses are accredited and offer practical, hands-on training for all levels of life safety professionals.

Visit www.firelite.com/training.html for information on local training courses, prerequisites, fees and more.



SureView Brings out a Cloud Solution for Central Stations

SureView Systems, developer of the video-based automation platform, Immix, reported that Immix Cloud completed a successful Beta period with leading customers and would be available for selected customers in December 2011, with general availability in March 2012.

Available initially as a private cloud offering, Immix Cloud enables central stations and command centers to deliver monitoring services by consolidating video, access control, audio and alarm events into a single point of control. The cloud architecture provides key advantages for monitoring stations that want the flexibility to monitor anywhere, simplify IT deployments, customize service offerings and, through mobile technologies, provide immediate situational awareness to users.

A new service option for delivering video verification is included for commercial central stations. A low price point, optimized user interface, and an end user iPhone application create a package designed to help customers accelerate sales and go to market quickly. Advanced integrations with Videofied and major automation platforms including MASterMind, set a new standard for the delivery of video verification services, SureView stated.

For private command centers and commercial central stations providing Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) services, Immix Cloud’s Interactive Monitoring interface offers a feature set for delivering these service offerings. SureView is also working with key strategic service and infrastructure providers to deliver Immix Cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, aimed at the PSIM market. Customers will subscribe to a secure online service to manage their facilities without the capital expenditure and ongoing IT support for maintaining server hardware and software.

This SaaS solution, combined with other cloud based offerings from integration partners including Axis’s AVHS and Brivo’s ACS WebService will be the first end-to-end security service that customers can purchase through a monthly subscription. SureView will announce more information later this year.

For information, visit www.SureViewSystems.com.



New Educational Website on Surge Protection Is Launched

The NEMA Surge Protection Institute (NSPI) launched an updated website that informs users about surge characteristics, how surge protective devices (SPDs) work, and how to specify and apply surge protection.

The website (www.nemasurge.com) has information on applying surge protection to commercial, industrial and residential facilities. It includes:

• FAQs

• glossary

• links to regulations, relevant standards, and manufacturers

• reference materials

This user-friendly site provides information about the harmful effects of electrical surges and how to minimize damage and lost productivity caused by them. It was created for installers, specifiers, and current and potential consumers of surge protection.

SPDs reduce potentially damaging short-duration transients present on lines connected to telephone and cable feeds, security systems, entertainment centers, household appliances, and electronic equipment. Industry experts estimate that electrical surges cost businesses $26 billion annually in lost time as well as equipment repair and replacement.

NSPI is an educational outreach effort initiated by the Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).


RIM BlackBerry® App for Total Connect™ 2.0 Remote Services

Honeywell launched a new application for RIM BlackBerry® devices, letting users control their security systems and view live, streaming video from any location. This version is the latest application of Honeywell’s Total Connect™ Remote Services, which allows consumers to utilize the Internet, smartphones, cameras and other compatible wireless devices to stay connected to their homes and businesses wherever they are.

The new icon-based user interface allows users to control security system keypad functions and video viewing on BlackBerry devices. They can view live video, record and store video clips, take snapshots or have video clips or pictures e-mailed to them upon an event, such as a delivery taking place or a child arriving home.

The app replicates a physical keypad, letting users arm, disarm and silence their systems, bypass doors and control lights and garage doors.

End-users can also receive alerts if motion is detected in designated indoor or outdoor areas, if valuable objects have been moved or if extreme temperature changes have been detected when combined with Honeywell’s motion detectors, anti-theft and environmental sensors.

Total Connect™ 2.0 subscribers can download the app for free in the BlackBerryWorld store.

For information, visit www.mytotalconnect.com.



Tri-Ed / Northern Video Releases Its 2012 Product Catalog

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution released its 2012 Product Catalog, featuring thousands of products spanning IP, CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion, Fire, Structured Cable, Sound, Data Communications, Hardware, and Business Solutions.

“Security dealers and integrators can turn to Tri-Ed / Northern Video for all their product needs,” said Pat Comunale, president and chief operating officer. “Our new 2012 Product Catalog showcases our extensive offerings and the latest technologies from hundreds of our valued manufacturer partners.”

Copies are available at every branch location or, to request a catalog by phone, call 888-874-3336.



Free Installation Standard for FOA Members

The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) and National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) have agreed to make the NECA/FOA-301 Fiber Optic Installation Standard available to FOA members free as a service to the industry. The NECA/FOA-301 standard is unique in the standards world as it was written by contractors and installers for contractors and installers to provide guidelines on how fiber optics should be installed properly.

This standard was written to clarify the meaning of the National Electrical Code (NEC) that calls for the installation of equipment in a “neat and workmanlike” manner. The standard covers the installation and testing of the fiber optic cable plant and is intended to be complementary to other appropriate component and testing standards such as those written by TIA and ISO/IEC.

In announcing this, FOA President Jim Hayes said, “The contractor, designer, installer or owner of a fiber optic network needs guidance from standards as much as anyone, but most industry standards are not written with them in mind. Plus, most standards are much too expensive for them to buy. The FOA and NECA are focusing on making standards more readily available to this group to ensure they can benefit from the guidelines of standards more easily. Look for more free standards to be made available in the near future.”

For more information on the NECA/FOA-3-1 fiber optic installation standard and instructions on how to get a free copy, go to http://www.thefoa.org/NECA301.html.

NECA/FOA-301 is part of the NECA NEIS (National Electrical Installation Standards) series that includes not only standards appropriate to electrical installations but also the installation of pathways and spaces and low-voltage cabling, in many cases the installation of components not covered by the usual cabling standards. More information on the NECA-NEIS standards can be found at www.neca-neis.org.




Grandstream Networks (www.grandstream.com) and NUUO (www.nuuo.com) announced interoperability and integration between Grandstream’s GXV36xx/GXV35XX Series IP cameras and video encoders and all of NUUO’s PC-based and standalone video management and recording solutions. With Device Pack v.1.13, NUUO customers now can click to add Grandstream cameras by model name to the network with advanced video analytics versus addition of cameras as a generic ONVIF network video terminal.

For a unified audio + video + surveillance solution, Grandstream’s entire family of IP video cameras are capable of two-way, bi-directional SIP/VoIP audio and real-time video streaming capabilities to mobile phones and video phones anywhere in the world.


The Bosch 700 Series Hybrid Recorders are now supported by the latest versions of Genetec’s advanced IP video surveillance solutions — Omnicast 4.8 and Security Center 5.1. This integration allows users to view live and recorded standard-definition video from the 700 Series recorders within the Omnicast and Security Center user interfaces. Users also can control pan-tilt-zoom cameras connected to the 700 Series, and manage video quality settings of live streams. The recorders join a broad range of IP products from Bosch — including high-definition cameras, video encoders and Intelligent Video Analysis software — that are supported by the Omnicast and Security Center platforms.




Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division is expanding its network of manufacturer’s representative firms with three new additions covering the Midwest and South Central regions of the United States. The new organizations include Ascend Group Inc. (Addison, Texas), DataStrait Networks Inc. (Plymouth, Minn.) and IP Security Reps (Detroit).

Mark Collett, general manager of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Div., said these three latest additions to Sony’s manufacturer’s representative line-up are part of the group’s division-wide re-focus on developing advanced solutions in a range of vertical markets from retail to government installations.


ASSA ABLOY and RS2® Technologies announced the integration of RS2’s hardware and software solutions with ASSA ABLOY’s range of Aperio™ wireless locks. Aperio is a wireless technology which ASSA ABLOY describes as “an easy, affordable way to connect additional openings to an existing electronic access control system. Offering wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4), the simplicity and flexibility of Aperio allow lower cost installations than traditional access control.”

On the software side, Aperio wireless locks integrate with RS2’s Access It!® line of access control software, which includes Access It!® Lite.NETTM, an entry-level, single-user version, and Access It!® Universal, a multi-user, enterprise-wide system. Aperio also integrates with RS2’s access management hardware, which is built around its System Control Processor (SCP) family and is based on 32-bit microcontrollers. With more than 40 access control partners that have already adopted the technology globally, facilities easily can extend the number of doors that can be monitored with their currently installed panels and systems.


Software House, part of Tyco Security Products, announced the integration of its C∙CURE 9000 security and event management solution with IP-enabled Wi-Fi and PoE locks from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Sargent and Corbin Russwin.

“Wireless and PoE locks significantly reduce the cost of bringing electronic security deeper inside dorm buildings, offices, hospitals and other sites,” commented Warren Brown, vice president of Product Management for Tyco Security Products.

The integration includes the Sargent Profile Series v.S1 and v.S2 locks, Sargent Passport 1000 P1 and P2 locks, along with Corbin Russwin’s Access 700 PIP1 and PWI1 and Access 800 WI1 IP-enabled locks. These locks simplify installation and reduce installation costs by utilizing existing Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks to communicate with the C∙CURE 9000 server.


Pixim Inc. (www.pixim.com), a provider of imaging chips for enterprise security cameras, announced the development of an imaging solution custom-tuned for IC Realtime’s line of DVRs and NVRs. IC Realtime introduced the I-Sniper video security solution. I-Sniper is based on Pixim’s latest image capture chip, but Pixim implemented the technology to produce algorithms that are in sync with IC Realtime’s storage and network streaming devices. When I-Sniper cameras are paired with IC Realtime DVRs or NVRs, the result is 25 to 45 percent longer recording times and reduced network bandwidth versus non-optimized third-party cameras.