Vitek released two additions to its line of EH family DVRs, the VT-EHL8 and VT-EHL4. The VT-EHL4 is a four-channel H.264 digital video recorder, while the VT-EHL8 is an eight-channel H.264 DVR. The DVRs have four or eight video inputs: one main, one spot monitor output and one VGA output. The VT-EHL4 features real-time recording with up to 120 ips at HD1 recording/live display, and the VT-EHL8 features real-time recording with up to 240 ips at CIF. The DVRs support static and dynamic IP addresses and have options for 500 GB to 2 TB of internal storage. Remote viewing can be achieved using Microsoft Internet Explorer or by using an app available for iPhone and Android devices.