Lighting control network

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) announced the KNX Gateway and Omni-Bus 220V lighting control network. The HAI KNX Gateway allows Ethernet-enabled Omni and Lumina controllers to communicate with and control KNX devices installed on the network. Lighting, temperature, energy management devices and motors (window coverings, shades, shutters, etc.) are among the KNX devices that can be controlled from an HAI interface or automatically via controller programming. Designed for the 220-240V/50Hz international marketplace, the DIN Rail style HAI Omni-Bus lighting control network provides hardwired and wireless solutions. The products are broken down into four segments: core products (required), load control nodules, switch interfaces and accessories. Products are available for control of lighting loads, fans, motors, pumps, shades and shutters.

Home Automation Inc.