CSC customers experienced an evening focused on business-building and IP at CSC’s IP Security Supper Club.    Photo Courtesy of Don Phillippe


Communications Supply Corporation (CSC), a subsidiary of WESCO Distribution Inc., opened ISC West for its customers with the exclusive CSC IP Security Supper Club, held Tuesday at the House of Blues Foundation Room on the 62nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Tower. The event provided a targeted group of customers with the chance to eat, drink — and learn all about the business of Internet protocol (IP). Approximately 100 selected CSC customers, all currently expanding in IP security and determined to benefit from the evening’s business-building and IP-focused agenda, received a personal invitation to attend from their CSC security solution regional manager.

“We wanted to create a special event with the supper club theme that would offer attendees a great experience and a great value, through quality face time alongside valuable education from our partners,” explained Chris Mills, CSC’s director of supplier relations and the event’s coordinator. During the evening, attendees rotated tables during the nine courses of the meal, all while listening to nine of CSC’s manufacturing partners present on practical IP business basics.

“This night is all about IP business,” emphasized Dave Harney, vice president of marketing for security solutions, CSC. “At CSC, our business is to build IP security integrators’ businesses. Building connections is a huge driver of our eco-system at CSC. With everyone coming together at ISC West from all over the country, already a highly valuable event for integrators, we wanted to capture the opportunity to bring everyone together for a business-building event that would help our integrators be even stronger, increase productivity, find and create demand, and continue to diversify.”

Reinier Tuinzing, strategic alliances manager, Milestone Systems Inc., said, “The evening was all about education. One of the biggest challenges we have as an industry is education about the extent of what our industry offers. A lot of customers ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ about everything we can do as an industry. We [Milestone] were excited to participate tonight in an event that goes beyond surveillance, beyond video,and beyond security into everything

IP can offer, including business optimization,” Tuinzing said.

Mark McCourt, group publisher, SDM &Security Magazine, gave the opening keynote address, discussing “The ‘-Izing’ of Security.”

“Everything we do in this business has a single goal: Getting the right information to the right person to make the right decision to prevent an event from occurring or respond effectively to an event that has occurred. And you do that by ‘-izing’ security seven ways: digitizing, mobilizing, virtualizing, facilitizing, businessizing, verticalizing, socializing and cybercrime. While the ‘-izing’ of security may seem a threat, it is actually a great opportunity that fits the core competencies of today’s security integrator.”

Topics covered by the manufacturers at the event included leveraging hybrid video solutions (Sony), bridging the security/IT gap to create more business (Commscope), the fundamentals for growing a successful network video business (Axis), building your selling IT IQ skills (Milestone), increasing revenues through the ‘connected enterprise’ approach (Belden), how not caring about cabling can cost you (Panduit), building revenues with IP – security beyond security (OnSSI), driving long-term value through RMR and access control (Keyscan), and capturing hidden profits through design accuracy (Iomnis). Closing comments were provided by Sandra Jones, founder of Sandra

Jones and Company. Jones addressed building profits through partnerships.

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