In 2010 the changes made to the NICET Fire Alarm testing for levels I & II had most Fire Alarm professionals asking a lot of questions regarding the Computer Based Testing that NICET implemented that year.

While the final conversion was expected, it has left some Fire Alarm Professionals confused and unsure of what to expect when taking the CBT NICET Fire Alarm exam.  Many are wondering how the WE testing and the CBT testing differs.

Bryan McLane, vice president of NTC explained how the new exam is different from the pen and pencil NICET exam, “One big difference those familiar with NICET will immediately notice is the lack of work elements. Work elements are specific areas of fire alarm knowledge that NICET tested candidates on. Certification at different levels required a certain number of work elements from different areas, and specific work elements for higher certification. The new exam is now a single exam that is pass/fail for the entire exam. Level of certification has a separate exam that must be passed in order to earn that level of certification.” 

McLane continued, “We at NTC have extensively reviewed the differences between the new and old NICET exam and have shaped our training to address how one can best prepare and succeed on the new CBT NICET exam.  For those that are familiar with NTC training, they can be assured that our training is still applications based, progressive and fast paced, yet incorporates more studying and test taking strategies. Additionally, we go over the NICET application process, as this too has changed and has left many people in a quandary. Studying is a large part of being properly prepared for the exam, but knowing how to study is the difference between passing and failing.”