Solar powered gate operator

DoorKing expanded its line of vehicular gate operator product offerings with the introduction of solar-powered control boxes that can be used on the company’s low-voltage swing gate operator line. End users have the choice of powering their gate operator with 120 Volt AC power or with solar power alone. DKS 6002, 6003, 6004 and 6400 swing gate operators can be solar powered by using any of the Solar Control Box options, which also feature a 0.0 Amp SBPD circuit that ensures that battery power is used only when the gate operator is activated. Because there is no use of battery power until the operator is engaged, there are more gate operator cycles per battery charge. This is ideal for remote locations where no other power source is available. Three solar power control box options are available, allowing the system to be designed for specific application requirements.

DoorKing Inc.