Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution, Woodbury, N. Y., continues to offer its successful North American IP Video Technology Tour to support dealers and integrators looking to migrate and compete successfully in the growing IP arena. The free, one-day training events are held in Tri-Ed / Northern Video branch locations across the country.

These comprehensive IP trainings, led by Jeff Stout, Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s director of national integrator sales, and Mike Leary, network product specialist, cover important technical topics such as video resolution, illumination, Ethernet transmission, surge suppression, recording platforms, types of networks and understanding storage.

Q3 and Q4 Tech Tour dates have been announced:

7/24/2012        Dallas, TX (972.869.9317)

7/26/2012        Kansas City, KS (913.310.9290)

7/31/2012        Elmsford, NY (914.345.0698)

8/2/2012          Charlotte, NC (704.523.8855)

8/7/2012          Chicago, IL (847.357.8309)

8/28/2012        Union City, CA (510.487.1731)

8/30/2012        Sacramento, CA (916.563.7560)

9/11/2012        Riverside, CA (951.781.2300)

9/13/2012        Garden Grove, CA (714.265.4000)

10/8/2012        Boston, MA (617.412.2520)

10/9/2012        Seattle, WA (253.395.3930)

10/10/2012      Milford, CT (203.878.8870)

10/11/2012      Portland, OR (503.644.0874)

10/23/2012      Denver, CO (303.733.8600)

10/25/2012      Las Vegas, NV (702.227.6636)

11/13/2012      Phoenix, AZ (602.470.9170)

11/15/2012      Burbank, CA (800.546.8774)

Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s free, meaningful and ongoing IP trainings have educated more than 3000 customers thus far. “Our IP trainings are meeting a critical need for our customers and enabling them to compete in the IP arena,” Stout noted.