hand1Give Current Concepts,Coopersburg, Pa., a hand — literally. And make that a pair of hands. The home automation and audio/visual installation and design company, located in the Lehigh Valley, creatively solved a business problem and highlighted the flexibility of where and how you can enhance home automation by installing a pair of helping hands at the end of its driveway. The company’s office is on the top of the mountain, in a residential setting, making it challenging to find.  Not anymore. The “helping hands” not only hold the mailbox and a newspapers slot, but now serves as a place marker for the business and a clever example of home automation at its best.

The hands, designed by Glen Hill, president of Current Concepts, using his hands as the model, and crafted by chainsaw artist Barry Frank of Quakertown, Pa., are 5 feet tall and weigh more than 150 pounds each. Not only do the hands hold the boxes for the mail and newspapers, but they are also fitted with sensors that send a signal to the home with an alert that the newspaper has been delivered, setting off flashing lights in the foyer of the home.  When mail is delivered, a voice-activated system announces that event — no more going out to the mailbox to find you arrived before the carrier.  Also equipped with LED signage, and spot lights, these hands can be seen at night for hundreds of yards. 

The hands are an example of Current Concepts’ focus to creatively use home automation to leverage technology to simplify andhand2 enhance lifestyles and solve problems — which sometimes just mean making a driveway easier to find with a pair of helping hands.

If you are interested in learning more about Current Concepts contact Glen Hill directly at 610-791-4458 or ghill@cchas.comfor more information.  To find out more about Chainsaw Creations carvings, contact Barry Frank at 215-529-4384 or barry@chainsaw-creations.com.