component and cabinet cooler

Middle Atlantic Products introduced two quiet, powerful options for thermal management of heat-producing equipment and the smaller spaces they occupy. Built to remove heat from credenzas, lecterns and entertainment centers, the 50 CFM Cabinet Cooler is a blower-style option that provides a free air rating as high as 50 CFM. It incorporates intelligent proportional speed control, which runs the blower only when necessary. Designed to pull hot air up out of a component and direct it where desired, the 50 CFM Component Cooler removes heat from system components on open shelving or in racks. It is available in a stand-alone version to cool a single component, as well as a platform model that is ideal for cooling multiple stacked components. Both the Cabinet Cooler and Component Cooler maintain quiet operation, emitting a maximum of 29 decibels, while providing high static pressure to overcome airflow restrictions.

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