Mini PTZ


Bosch Security Systems added the first moving camera to its Advantage Line. The VEZ-400 mini pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera offers a 26X optical zoom for an increased monitoring range and easier identification of objects and people. The camera provides 360 degrees of rotation, 600 TVL high-resolution imaging, and a wide dynamic range to capture important details in scenes with both bright and dark areas. Day/night functionality delivers round-the-clock performance. The VEZ-400 measures 4.4 in. in diameter, making it less than half the size of traditional pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The compact size allows it to fit into limited space and makes it ideal for discrete surveillance. Available in charcoal or white, the camera is designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Its housing is rated to withstand the highest level of impact energy to protect the camera from vandalism, damage and theft. The camera also has an IP 66 environmental rating and built-in heater.

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