HAI application for iOS devices


HAI (Home Automation Inc.) announced an HAI application for iOS devices, called HTX2 available in the iTunes store. The HTX2 application allows for audio/video control using iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch integrated with HAI’s Home Theater Extender 2. HAI is providing interface templates that can be customized for TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD players, A/V receivers, satellite/cable boxes, tuners, projectors and CD changers. Included with purchase of the HTX2 hardware, HAI’s HTX2 Mobile Designer software allows for the creation or customization of the graphical user interface (GUI) “remote control” pages that are used for controlling A/V equipment using an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The iOS device sends the command to the HTX2, which controls the A/V equipment using serial ports, IR ports, IP (TCP/UDP) and SPDT relays.

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