1.         A mass notification system (MNS) is simply a fire alarm system with audible and visual devices to alert occupants of a building with a capacity of more than 300 that they are to evacuate.

a.         True

b.         False


2.         Which of the following would be considered a MNS?

a.         In-building

b.         Wide area

c.          Distributed recipient

d.         All of the above

e.         Both a and b


3.         The purpose of an Emergency Communication System (ECS) is to

a.         communicate information about emergencies that affect a large number of people.

b.         communicate information about emergencies including but not limited to fire, human-caused events, accidents and natural disasters, and other dangerous situations.

c.          evacuate affected individuals, directing them to a safer location away from the potential danger that has been identified.

d.         provide early warning of a potential danger that exists and to secure the location so that a thorough investigation into the threat can effectively be made.


4.         The terms ECS and MNS do not relate to one another.

a.         True

b.         False


5.         Using technology such as a smartphone, pager, SMS, and telephone contact are all options in a wide-area MNS.

a.         True

b.         False


6.         In addition to an audible tone or siren sound, an MNS is required to provide __________ voice and visual instructions.

a.         audible

b.         precise

c.          intelligible

d.         loud


7.         MNS that are integrated into a fire alarm system are __________ tested and inspected for functionality and operation.

a.         not

b.         often

c.          required by code to be

d.         unlikely to be


8.         MNS are not designed to deliver notifications over an area covering multiple buildings, campuses, or even across a city or a state.

a.         True

b.         False


9.         Fire alarm professionals are the best suited individuals to perform the installation, maintenance, testing and supervision of an ECS because they are regulated by strong codes and standards and have the experience in handling both the initial installations and the follow-up service.

a.         True

b.         False


10.       For systems providing live-voice communication, manual paging shall automatically be given precedence over all other evacuation signals and prerecorded messages whether previously or subsequently initiated.

a.         True

b.         False


11.       While ECS routinely incorporate notification appliances such as speakers and strobe lights, they are not permitted to incorporate signs.

a.         True

b.         False


12.       Operating power of the product shall automatically be transferred to the secondary power source within ___ seconds without required signals being lost, interrupted, or delayed by more than ___ seconds and while maintaining compatibility of connected equipment.

a.         10/30

b.         30/30

c.          10/10

d.         1/1


13.       Wiring used for an ECS is dictated by ___

a.         UL.

b.         the manufacturers’ instructions.

c.          the Department of Defense.

d.         the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).


14.       A wide-area MNS is defined as a system that provides real-time information to areas, including outdoor, in a _____ campus, region or global geographical setting.

a.         controlled

b.         dedicated

c.          contiguous or non–contiguous

d.         extremely large




1.         b — Mass Notification Systems (MNS) are a part of a fire alarm system and there is no minimum size requirement for such a system.

2.         d — Identified in both NFPA 72 and in UL 2572

3.         b

4.         b

5.         a

6.         c

7.         c

8.         b —That is precisely the idea of an MNS.

9.         a

10.       a

11.       b — Signs may be appropriate depending upon the location and the circumstances and are permitted.

12.       c-UL 2572 section 12.2.3

13.       b — Manufacturers submit their installation instructions and the product is listed by the appropriate listing agency using those instructions as criteria.

14.       c