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Lowe’s’ Meagher: ‘We Target the Other 80 Percent’

Bozeman to Receive 2012 Lippert Award

AT&T Sets 2G Sunset

Leviton Acquires Home Automation Inc.

Phoenix Alarm Management Program Reduces False Alarm-Generating Accounts

New ESA Executive Management Professionals Group To Focus on Business Resources, Networking and Education

Companies You Should Know

Vector Rebrands, Emphasizes Intelligent Solutions

PDQ Award Winner for False Alarm Dispatch Reductions

Pelco’s Big Promise: 24-Hour Shipments, No-Fee 90-Day Return Policy

Atronic Alarms Marks 30th Anniversary

Michael Joseph Joins Mace Central Station as VP, GM

Alarm Capital Alliance Acquires Ultimate Security Accounts

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Acquires & Opens Two More Locations

Sonitrol Reports Recent Apprehensions in Ohio

DVR Distributors’ New Name Reflects Business Evolution



Lowe’s’ Meagher: ‘We Target the Other 80 Percent’

In mid-August Lowe’s Companies Inc., the second-largest home improvement retailer in the world, had sales associates in 490 stores stock its version of a home automation system and accessories, Iris.

Iris™ allows homeowners to monitor and control their home from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer with a free basic level of service.

It’s squarely aimed at mass market, the “do-it-yourself” (DIY) homeowner customers. While Kevin Meagher, Lowe’s vice president of smart home in Mooresville, N.C., doesn’t believe his Iris products will fly off the shelves just yet, he does see the promise.

For the few systems already sold, mostly online, “customer reviews for Iris show buyers, by and large, are really pleased with the simple set up. And free basic service. And Iris can scale up, too,” Meagher says, suggesting that more home products will network in through his platform.

So what is Lowe’s currently selling? The base cost is $179 for a security kit with an Iris hub, door sensors, motion sensors and a security keypad. It’s also $179 for an energy kit with an Iris hub, one wireless, energy consumption-monitoring wall outlet and a thermostat. A kit with everything from both costs $299.

Like eating at a sushi restaurant, the extra plates add up. For instance, a wireless video camera from Lowe’s costs $129, while each additional key fob and door sensor costs $19.99.      

But for $9.99 a month, no contract required, homeowners can upgrade to Iris Magic; it lets the buyer set sometimes complex rules such as to not allow an appliance to be turned on if no one is home.

“The basic services are free. If there is a burglar alarm, you get a text message. But with Magic, you can tailor the system for specific needs and identify a broader circle of friends to get in touch with if there is a text alert. You can write rules that program the house to behave in certain ways,” says Meagher.

Meagher and retailer colleagues such as Kris Bowring, senior director and platform lead for the home and energy management business at Best Buy of Richfield, Minn., are, for the long run, convinced that mass market is the sweet spot for home automation. “We are getting in before the utilities,” points out Meagher.

Not so much to sell their products but for other manufacturers’ networkable devices and appliances, the high-volume, high-margin items that will be made, possibly exclusively, to handle their platforms.

According to Dennis Kyle, vice president, strategic and new markets at Tendril of Boulder, Colo., the Lowe’s entry is both “very positive and very negative. They dropped a bomb on the market before the market even gets started.”

No doubt, many electronic home system contractors aren’t walking down Lowe’s aisles.

“It’s another one of many cheap DIY home controls kits. The people who buy them are of little concern to my business. I wish them success with the kits,” says Rich Green of Rich Green Design, Palo Alto, Calif..

Lowe’s Iris, coupled with recent cable and telecom offerings based on a monthly subscription, aims at opening up the middle for security, energy management and home automation, fitting in between the geeks buying gear online and the mostly higher end homeowners hiring design and install professionals.

“Say professionally installed home security penetration is 20 percent. We target the other 80 percent,” says Meagher. Concerning third party monitoring, the Lowe’s executive characterizes it as a “small customer base paying a high fee for just one service” that’s mostly false alarms. There is even more growth potential in home automation at the mass market level, he contends. “If this market takes off, the key to consumers is one user interface. [Manufacturers] will look at the infrastructure we created and work with Iris.”

When it comes to door controls, Lowe’s already has a relationship with Schlage. But soon, Meagher hints, it will include manufactured-in sensor technology that allows doors from Therma-Tru of Maumee, Ohio, to connect into the Iris platform.

You can view it all as the silver among the darkening clouds. “It might make more people aware of energy management and home controls. This is good for our market because more people will seek professional help,” Green says. Rob Puric, director of residential intrusion systems at Honeywell Security Group of Louisville, Ky., sees a silver lining. “We do see companies building out awareness.”

There is a downside history to DIY attempts, says Puric. “Who do you call when things go wrong? What is the real level of technology? How about battery life for sensors?” Reviews of the Iris approach mirror that concern. Some buyers, who are somewhat satisfied with the product, are less so when contacting the company about questions of installation and operation.

Storm clouds are forming above some professional electronic system contractors, however. “As it [mass market home automation] becomes more mainstream, custom will have less to do. There will be pressure on custom designers and installers,” Kyle says.

Security firms like, Vienna. Va., with home services delivered by dealers, see value in wireless, Web and mobile technologies, built on a hosted platform. And, according to Jay Kenny, vice president of marketing at, “Entry into the interactive home security and monitoring market by major retail brands, as well as national cable and telecom providers, highlights a growing opportunity. There is clearly increasing customer demand for interactive services with new features like video monitoring, energy management and home automation.”

Since the Lowe’s model and some other mass market home automation services do not offer third-party security monitoring, will self-monitoring marginalize the central station model?

Observes Kenny, “There is overall growth in the market and in the number of consumers interested in these services. Professional monitoring is a key differentiator of a security system and will continue to be critical to a complete solution. Professional providers who can meet the new consumer demand for energy management, home automation and video monitoring while delivering professionally monitored security services will be well positioned.”

Kyle doesn’t know which model will win out. “Cost is being pressured downward and price resistance increases. Who will be the biggest winner in home energy management beyond the homeowner? Utilities, home systems installers, telecom/and cable firms, DIY or others? Who knows? But it is obvious that the homeowner will be energized to better manage their energy consumption” and home.  — By Bill Zalud, Contributing Writer


Bozeman to Receive 2012 Lippert Award

Bill Bozeman, president and chief executive officer of PSA Security Network, was named the 2012 recipient of the George R. Lippert Memorial Award. The award, which was first presented by the Security Industry Association (SIA) in 1989, recognizes outstanding contributions to SIA and the security industry. Bozeman was chosen to receive the award by a unanimous vote of former winners.

Throughout his career, Bozeman directed sophisticated electronic security projects for corporate America, the U.S. government and private institutions. In 2006, Bozeman was recognized as one of the security industry’s 25 Most Influential Security Executives.

Bozeman is one of the most exceptional leaders within our industry, SIA stated. Among his strongest attributes is his genuine interest in working collaboratively with SIA to help grow the security industry and facilitate new opportunities for businesses to succeed, the association added.

The George R. Lippert Memorial Award will be presented at the SIA Security Week Gala, which will be held at 7 p.m., Oct. 30, 2012 at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, New York. 


AT&T Sets 2G Sunset

In a regulatory filing, AT&T Inc. announced it will shut down its second-generation, or “2G,” wireless network by the end of 2016.

Twelve percent of the Dallas-based company’s contract-based plans, or 8.4 million people, have 2G phones and will need to upgrade to “3G” or “4G” handsets.

AT&T will shut down the 2G network city by city. Earlier this year it announced that the process had started in New York City. 


Leviton Acquires Home Automation Inc.

Leviton, Melville, N.Y., announced the acquisition of Home Automation Inc. (HAI), a provider of home automation controls for residential and light commercial applications. HAI enhances Leviton’s current home automation offerings by providing homeowners with solutions that combine security, energy management and entertainment controls, in user-friendly applications.

“Leviton’s acquisition of HAI represents a significant expansion of our offerings in the residential market, and furthers Leviton’s commitment to providing customers with the latest technologies as affordable, easy-to-use solutions,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, chief operating officer of Leviton. “Leviton and HAI are two established brands coming together to offer a complete whole home automation solution that customers can trust.”

Integrating HAI products with Leviton’s solutions provides homeowners with a smart choice for automation and remote access capabilities. HAI has a wide-ranging product offering, from systems that allow homeowners to control their automated video surveillance system and audio devices over the Internet to programmable thermostats and light switches accessible directly from a smartphone.

HAI will operate as a new, standalone business unit, branded HAI by Leviton, and maintain operations in New Orleans. The new business unit will be managed by Jay McLellan, current chief executive officer and president of HAI, who will report directly to Larizadeh. HAI product lines will soon be available through Leviton’s United States and international channel partners and distributors. Leviton also plans to provide its builder and contractor network with the necessary training for installing HAI systems.

 “Through the combined technologies from Leviton and HAI, we anticipate continued growth and innovation in the home automation space, providing homeowners with additional advancements for years to come,” said McLellan.

Leviton has evolved into a global provider of electrical wiring devices, data connectivity solutions and lighting and energy management systems for a variety of end-use markets.

For information, visit or


Phoenix Alarm Management Program Reduces False Alarm-Generating Accounts

According to the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, the latest statistics from Phoenix, show the city has one of the nation’s best and most effective alarm management programs.  In 2011, 84.92 percent of Phoenix alarm users did not have any false alarms and the program recovered more than $2.8 million in costs to city, SIAC stated.

Statistics show that less than five percent of Phoenix alarm sites generate multiple false alarms. The city’s alarm unit has a proactive program of educating alarm owners that has resulted in a steady decrease in false alarms.  The city, in cooperation with the Arizona Alarm Association, holds Alarm Schools for citizens.

“Our citizens and local alarm industry want to do their part to reduce false alarms with a focus on education for problem systems and users,” said Becky Buckhannon of the Phoenix Code Enforcement Unit.

In addition, police detectives inspect sites where there have been multiple false alarms and provide alarm owners with false alarm protection techniques and assist with other community based policing measures to make the alarm systems more effective.

“The Phoenix program recognizes that the vast majority of alarm systems protect property and lives without ever generating calls for service from the police,” said Stan Martin, executive director of SIAC.  “These best practices can be applied to any public safety agency.”

For information on SIAC’s best practices for alarm management, visit


New ESA Executive Management Professionals Group To Focus on Business Resources, Networking and Education

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) launched its new Executive Management Professionals (EMP) Group designed for individuals charged with the strategic and financial leadership of electronic security integration and monitoring companies.

ESA stated that the EMP group will provide its members with invaluable information, ideas and networking opportunities focused on topics such as,

•          Company Valuation

•          Financing

•          Business Model Development

•          Mergers & Acquisitions

•          Human Capital Development

•          Executive Leadership

•          Change Management

ESA EMP products will include an annual ESA Executive Issues survey of members, a quarterly publication providing key insights on top management issues in electronic security, an online resource center for executive managers in electronic security companies, seminars and general sessions at the ESA Leadership Summit, and the Business Development & Management track at the annual Electronic Security Expo.

ESA has set a goal of growing membership to 300 individuals by the time of the group’s inaugural in-person meeting at the ESA Leadership Summit in Orlando, Fla., to be held Feb. 18-21, 2013. The group will also meet in-person at ESX 2013 in Nashville, to be held June 17-21. Bi-monthly webinars will provide another connection point for members.

Leading the EMPs will be chair Dee Ann Harn, CEO of San Jose, Calif.-based, RFI Enterprises Inc. and vice chair Michael Pope, president of Safety Technologies Inc./Audio Video Interiors of Cleveland

Qualified regular and associate members can apply for free membership in the group at

For more information about the ESA EMP group, contact Shannon Murphy at or 972-807-6835. 



Companies You Should Know

Keep Your IP (KYIP), a provider of secure IP address forwarding services for the security industry, has a unique offering. The company was founded by telecommunications professional Davin Roos, director of sales and marketing and principal. Its name simply describes what the company does: gives dealers ownership of their IP and flexibility to reroute communications.

By providing unique IP forwarding to alarm professionals, KYIP expects to become the go-to company for moving customers from dial-up to IP alert signaling.

Roos noted that they have found no other company in the market that has an IP forwarding service created just for the alarm industry and its particular needs.

“We understand the concepts of ‘always on,’ and that ‘being down’ is not an option,” Roos affirmed. “It’s in our blood, it’s what we do and everything we do centers around this philosophy. We do everything we can do to make sure that when you need us we are there.”

KYIP employs telecommunications engineers, web designers and back end integration specialists, all with central station experience. The principals bring almost 100 years of combined experience in these fields.

KYIP has two standard offerings. Each IP address is unique and its destination monitoring station address can be changed.

The first is the alarm panel alert IP forwarding service which offers dealers two IP addresses allowing them to use the primary/secondary configurations available in most alarm panels, Roos explained. The second and newest offering is an IP forwarding service for Videofied signals, which has been tested to meet the exacting requirements of Videofied.

Most dealers will only need one IP address for their customer base. However, KYIP recommends a secondary backup IP address for panels with this feature. Roos said the typical dealer spends less than $40 per month including a redundant backup IP.

“Today, the IPs in use by the alarm industry are a scarce commodity,” Roos added. “And although we have been given the rights to thousands, we cannot be assured that there will always be more to offer.”

For information, visit


Vector Rebrands, Emphasizes Intelligent Solutions

For the first time in 26 years, Vector Security, Pittsburgh, refreshed its brand strategy with the goals of highlighting the overall customer experience and positioning the company as a leading provider of security and security-related solutions tailored to customer needs and business objectives.

The new branding consists of a refreshed Vector Security logo and the introduction of a new tagline for the company, “Intelligent security tailored for you.”

The new branding includes increased customer communications and an improved website, both of which educate customers on security and security-related best practices. The new website, which will launch later this summer, will also showcase new products and services provided by Vector Security and its preferred partners that can offer added convenience and protection.

Art Miller, vice president of marketing for Vector Security, described the new focus on customer communications to SDM: “We sent out a survey to all Vector Security customers in January and received a great response and feedback which is currently driving our communication efforts. For example, many customers were interested in learning about new products and services such as interactive video, so we are making sure they receive the information they need… We will continue to provide updates via our website, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, and via face-to-face meetings and print communications.”

Vector’s customers played a big part in the rebranding, as the company wanted to be sure it included “the voice of the customer.” The company held focus groups with its residential, business and national account customers to get feedback during the rebranding process as it developed its new positioning, messaging, logo and identity.

“We asked questions such as, ‘What are you looking for in a security provider? What makes Vector Security better than the competition?’” Miller said. “We previewed everything with our customers before we even took it to our employees. It was really critical to us to get the voice of the customer into our brand.”


PDQ Award Winner for False Alarm Dispatch Reductions

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) and Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program honored HS Technology Group with the 2011 Police Dispatch Quality Award. This award is given each year and honors alarm installing and monitoring businesses for creating best practices that help prevent false alarm dispatches.

“What makes HS Technology unique is that it utilizes a third-party monitoring service,” SIAC executive director Stan Martin said. “Working with that provider, HS Technology demonstrates a superior practice of following up with new customers and those customers with previous dispatches in order to improve education and reduce the number of unnecessary dispatches.”

HS Technology Group centered on its Baltimore region, where it posted a dispatch rate of 0.18 during 2011. “In the past three years, HS Technology’s false alarm dispatch rate never exceeded 0.19,” according to Steve Haggemann, manager for the Baltimore County Government’s False Alarm Reduction Section. “In effect, this means that HS Technology’s customers, on average, experience a false alarm less than once every five years.” 


Pelco’s Big Promise: 24-Hour Shipments, No-Fee 90-Day Return Policy

Pelco by Schneider Electric, Clovis, Calif., is offering one-day shipping on its most popular video security products and has implemented a no-questions-asked policy with a 90-day window to return products with no restocking fees. 

“Business is not the same as it was 10 years ago. This company is focused on the customer, and as the economy has changed, so have the needs of dealers. Time and execution remain critical, but money is tight. Long-lead shipping times and restocking fees hit dealers’ bottom line, and these changes from Pelco address those business challenges,” shared Herve Fages, senior vice president of global product marketing at Pelco by Schneider Electric, in an interview with SDM.

Quick delivery and the ability to return product with no questions asked gives dealers the flexibility they need, Fages added.

Previously, there was a 10 percent restocking fee, but customers were making it very clear they didn’t want to pay it.

“We saw the increase in ‘Product Failed’ returns on perfectly good product, and knew customers were trying to go around the restocking fee. We had two options. First, we could decide to reinforce the restocking fee, or we could change our policy to reflect customers’ changing needs for more flexibility with product. We chose to give them the peace of mind to order what they need, when they need it, and then return it if needed without any questions asked — raising the bar,” Fages said.

The new guarantees assure on-demand product availability as compared to the industry standard three-business-day shipment, which allows security professionals to better control inventory and quickly react to changing business needs without incurring by fees, the company said in a press release.

Pelco by Schneider Electric made significant investments in its supply chain to ensure that its top-selling and most popular products are always be available for shipment within one business day. 

The company also capitalized on Schneider Electric’s size and economy of scale.

“There is power in a large organization like Schneider Electric and instant benefits to operating under its umbrella. We’re passing on those benefits to our dealers,” Fages said.

For U.S. customers, if an order isn’t shipped within one day, Pelco will issue a credit for ground shipping costs. Pelco will monitor requests to ensure that customers, dealers, integrators and distributors can get the products they need when they need them. — By Heather Klotz-Young, Senior Editor



Atronic Alarms Marks 30th Anniversary

Atronic Alarms Inc., Lenexa, Kansas, a security, fire and home automation systems provider, marked its 30th year in business.

Founded in 1982 by Perry D. Atha, a fourth-generation Kansas City resident, the company has grown from a small local alarm provider to one of the largest security integrators in the region, employing 31 staffers and serving thousands of commercial and residential customers.

The company was founded with a laser-like focus on people, working from day one to offer the highest level of customer service with quality installation and equipment to Kansas City area residents and to continually build relationships with clients, Atha tells SDM.

“From the beginning, was important to provide people with a product and service they could trust. They needed to be able to feel comfortable with the people that made up the company: the sales people, the installation crew and customer service. That was the foundation 30 years ago and still holds true today,” Atha shared.

Atha was also quick to acknowledge the people at the company.

“This incredible milestone never could have been realized without the dedication of our amazing employees,” Atha said. “Their hard work and professionalism have helped us grow into one of the most respected and forward-thinking companies in the industry.”

The company also encourages a healthy work-life balance.

“The concept about balance with family and work is simple: If you aren’t happy at home you won’t be happy at work and then our clients won’t be happy. So we recognize and nurture our employees and their families as much as possible. Employees who take pride in themselves and the company they work for also take pride in the job they do, which never fails to be recognized by clients,” Atha explains.

Atronic will focus on video monitoring and video analytics, mobile remote management and hosted and managed access control. “We always keep abreast of home automation and energy management developments, as well. What makes life easier for our clients, what makes the quality of living higher,” Atha shares.

He notes that Atronic is at the forefront of the implementation of fully integrated applications that allow clients to remotely manage their systems through their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Atronic Alarms is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the 2004 “Dealer of the Year” award from SDM, a PDQ award in 2009, and Ingram’s “Best Companies to Work For” in 2010. The company also has been recognized for its assistance in protecting abuse victims through its work with the non-profit Kansas City Domestic Violence Protection Services Agency.

“We look forward to many more decades of serving our community, protecting our clients and fostering a great work environment for our employees,” Atha said. – By Heather Klotz-Young, Senior Editor


Michael Joseph Joins Mace Central Station as VP, GM

Mace Security International Inc., Horsham, Pa., announced the appointment of industry veteran Michael J. Joseph as vice president and general manager of Mace Central Station, the company’s wholesale central monitoring station located in Anaheim, Calif.

John McCann, president and chief executive officer of Mace, stated, “Michael Joseph has the experience to guide Mace Central Station to next level of operational excellence. Michael also has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise working within the diverse world of security and we are thrilled that he is joining the Mace team.”

In Joseph’s new role, he will continue to develop the company’s culture of excellence and best practices, and focus on creating synergies with the company’s suppliers, which Mace said will result in greater operational efficiencies. “I feel with the addition of Michael Joseph and the recent promotions of Michael Kallio and Jason Pak — the central station is well positioned to thrive and grow now and in the,” McCann stated. 


Alarm Capital Alliance Acquires Ultimate Security Accounts

Alarm Capital Alliance recently closed a transaction with Ultimate Security of Scottsboro, Ala. The purchase was considered an asset purchase, for accounts only. Ultimate Security will remain in business and will continue to service customers of ACA.

Richie Burns, president of Ultimate Security, stated that this is a “tremendous transaction that allows us to remain in business, continue to sell accounts and provide service for all of our friends and customers.”

No details were given of the transaction, although ACA has been quoted as saying this will increase its account base in Alabama by more than 1,000 accounts. In commenting on the transaction, ACA’s Kelly Bond said, “This was one of the smoothest transactions that we’ve entered into. Richie has a great staff and quality accounts, and we’re looking forward to a prosperous relationship.”

Bond and Anastasia Bottos represented ACA. Ron Davis, Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group, represented the seller. 


Tri-Ed / Northern Video Acquires & Opens Two More Locations

Tri-Ed / Northern Video, Woodbury, N.Y., North America’s largest independent security distributor, announced its further expansion with the acquisition of Seabreeze Security Distributors, a security distributor in the Orlando, Fla. market.

The expansion follows Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s acquisition by the Audax Group. In April, Pat Comunale, president and chief executive officer of Tri-Ed / Northern Video told SDMthat with the support of its new owner, Tri-Ed would be expanding its footprint in the months to come. At the time, he noted the company would be looking to “fill out” its footprint in the Midwest and expand in the Southeast.

Tri-Ed / Northern Video will maintain the Seabreeze office at  839 Clay Street, Winter Park, FL 32789. “We are very excited to increase our North American footprint and continue to exceed the expectations of security professionals in this market,” Communale noted. “We welcome the Seabreeze sales staff to the Tri-Ed / Northern Video team.”

In addition to the Seabreeze acquisition, Tri-Ed / Northern Video will be opening two new locations, one in Detroit and the other in Raleigh, N.C. in the next 30 days.

Comunale stressed in April that Tri-Ed / Northern Video is looking for continued strong growth. “When we acquired the business from Tyco seven years ago, our goal was to become North America’s largest independent low-voltage security distributor,” Comunale noted. “I think we’ve accomplished that. And I think our next goal will be to build this into the billion-dollar distributor that it can be.” 


Sonitrol Reports Recent Apprehensions in Ohio

Sonitrol of SW Ohio recently assisted in two separate apprehensions. The first incident occurred at a Lexington, Ky.-located business, where an individual tried to break in through a window. Sonitrol’s local central station operator was able to hear the glass break and contacted the police department. As it was a verified alarm, police responded within one minute, Sonitrol reported.

The second incident occurred in Dayton, Ohio. An individual had set off motion detectors inside the business. The central station operator quickly contacted the police department. When police arrived, they apprehended the subject, who they said had fallen asleep on bubble wrap before the building was locked.

Sonitrol of SW Ohio has assisted with in more than 27 apprehensions to date in 2012.


DVR Distributors’ New Name Reflects Business Evolution

When DVR Distributors, Liberty, Mo., started out in the security industry more than eight years ago, it built and distributed its own brand of DVRs, a technology which at the time generated high demand in the market. Times have changed and the company with them, which led it to its new name, SOURCE IT. 

“The [old] name didn’t fit what we do anymore. It was misleading for people who thought all we did was analog,” said Lawrence Leiker, director of business development at SOURCE IT. Eighty percent of the company’s business now comes from megapixel and IP products, Leiker added.

According to Leiker, the new name reflects exactly what the company does best: source the best in breed products that work the best together, anything from video surveillance to card access control and myriad security products.

“We try to be a full solutions provider and not just a box distributor,” Leiker commented. The company has seen solid growth over the last several years, and began introducing new products such as point to multi-point wireless, intrusion products, card access, IR and white light panels, and more.

The company’s rebranding efforts include a new website at that will feature more technology and install tips and training videos. Leiker explained that the extended education focus also comes from the new products the company offers. He noted, “We all know the IP and megapixel world has a steep learning curve associated with it. We want dealers to be familiar with and choose the right products to offer to customers.” — By Sabrina Gasulla, Associate Editor




Security Equipment Supply Inc.(SES), St. Louis, Mo., relocated its Detroit branch two buildings away from the old location. The new address is 25153 Dequindre, Madison Heights, MI 48071. The new location will provide SES with the ability to properly showcase desired products as well as stock a more substantial amount of inventory.


Guy Kline was named senior vice president of sales and marketing for Dynamark Security Centers. Kline leads the Dynamark Sales Team to grow Dynamark Monitoring, the company’s UL Listed central station, and First Action Security Team, its product distribution division. Kline brings more than 20 years of industry experience Dynamark.


Bold Technologies, Colorado Springs, Colo., hired Leon Gomes as project manager for new customer implementations. Gomes will be making transition calls, lay out the plan and schedule the project.


Veracityappointed David Corson to its board of directors as group chief financial officer and commercial director of Veracity UK Ltd. Corson has more than 20 years of senior management experience focused on managing rapid growth for a number of engineering and physical security products manufacturers.


AMAG Technology, Torrance, Calif., hired Jacob Hauzen as the new central south regional sales manager. As an AMAG RSM, he provides sales support to existing systems integrators and generate new business opportunities throughout Ark., Colo., La., Miss, N.M., Okla. and Texas.


Fluidmesh Networks, Boston, a provider of wireless IP backhauling systems, welcomed Intelligent Systems Marketing Inc. (ISM), as its manufacturer’s representative covering the Fluidmesh line in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

ISM field staff supplies outside sales support and sells to customers specializing in the sales and installation of security products with an emphasis on digital recording and network video applications. For information, visit or


PSA Security Network, Westminster, Colo., promoted Krista Ferndelli to director of Education. Ferndelli had been marketing coordinator with PSA for several months, focused on adding value to PSA Security Network’s owners through PSA’s Business Solutions programs and increasing PSA’s brand awareness through a variety of marketing channels.

Ferndelli brought eight years of experience developing, organizing and managing education and outreach programs to her new position from her prior executive experience in the credit union industry.  


Digital Monitoring Products(DMP) named Michael Carr as the dealer development manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region, which includes Tenn., Ky., N.C., Va. and W.Va. The company also named Mike King as its dealer development manager for the Midwest region, which includes Ill., Wis., Iowa, Minn., N.D., S.D. and south-central Canada. They each are responsible for developing new sales and providing on-going service to DMP-authorized dealers.


Quick Response Alarm Monitoring Center will open a new Operations Center in the fall of 2012. The completely redesigned facility will house the corporate headquarters as well as the primary central station at a new location.