S14 FlexMount is a flexible, double hemispheric camera from Mobotix

The S14 FlexMount is a flexible, double hemispheric camera from Mobotix. The camera, which is available in both mono (S14M) and dual (S14D) versions, features miniature lens units and offers a wide range of application opportunities. The S14D can be equipped with two hemispheric lens units with integrated microphone that are connected to the main housing via cables. This makes it possible to fully secure two rooms located next to or on top of one another with a single S14. When installed in a certain way, the S14D can see around corners or secure indoor and outdoor areas at the same time. The two sensors allow the S14 to generate two distortion-corrected, high-resolution 180-deg. panorama images, each with a resolution of 3.1 megapixels. When both modules with black-and-white and color sensors are mounted directly next to each other and cover the same area, the camera automatically chooses the best available mode depending on the lighting conditions. Panning and zooming into the image is done electronically. The user is provided with detail views and image sections without any mechanical movement. Both units operate in a temperature range of -30 deg. C to 60 deg. C.

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