VS001video surveillance appliance

Sans Digital introduced its VS001video surveillance appliance (VSA). The VS001 supports video lifecycle management, allowing customers to record high-quality video and find and play back any particular moment of interest. The VSA is a compact, entry-level video surveillance appliance equipped with 1TB, 2TB, 3TB disk storage capacity. The VS001 is capable of supporting up to four simultaneous recordings of RTSP-enabled IP cameras. Combined with standard features such as Automatic IP camera search utility and live video feed, the VS001 provides out-of-the-box deployment. The VS001 also provides extensive video management searching capabilities via hundreds of added metadata fields for IP cameras such as camera number, location, direction and case number. An upgraded edition offers more advanced features such as moving or copying video to different SD VSA units for data redundancy protection, and creation of low-resolution companion files for faster access.

Sans Digital | www.sansdigital.com/vsa-series/vs001.html