MuxLab Inc.’s CCTV IP Econo PoE Extender (500111) was developed for the IP surveillance market. The CCTV IP Econo PoE Extender allows one IP PoE camera of up to 14 W to be connected via coax up to 330 ft. to a 100 BaseT PoE network switch. Used in pairs, the product allows legacy coax CCTV cabling systems to be preserved while migrating to IP camera systems. The product supports IP cameras up to 14 W and transmits PoE from the PoE switch to the PoE IP camera without the need for an external power supply. The product is suitable for short and medium range IP PoE camera systems that connect to PoE LAN switches and can be used for inter-network connections between two LAN devices where existing coax cable is present. The product is used in pairs, sold individually and comes with a two-year warranty.

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