Bedrock Learning, a connected home and light commercial training provider, announced a partnership with BlueVolt, a provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the manufacturing, construction and service industries, to provide a complete assortment of online training resources to individuals and businesses within the custom installation industry.

“Whether it’s one of the largest manufacturers in the industry looking to develop a robust online training platform or a small start-up seeking resources for basic product training, BlueVolt and Bedrock Learning have the industry’s training needs covered,” said Sharon Dunigan, national account manager at BlueVolt.

Due to this partnership, professionals in the custom installation channel now will have an abundance of resources, according to a joint announcement. Together, Bedrock Learning and BlueVolt can help individuals and businesses with a number of initiatives including:

•          increasing their reach with best-in-class training;

•          launching a customized, branded online training university;

•          converting live training content into cost-effective, easy-to-use online training courses;

•          updating LMS to the latest technology platforms and developing rewards programs.

“In today’s economic climate, many companies have been forced to limit budgets to remain profitable and one area that has seen universal cutbacks has been training,” said Helen Heneveld, president of Bedrock Learning. “In a time when dealers and individuals are seeking assistance in maintaining their business, training should instead be a major focus. We understand the challenge companies and individuals are facing in trying to fill that void, which is why we are thrilled to partner with BlueVolt to provide, maintain and enhance online training offerings and services for businesses of any size.”

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