Platinum Tools announced the Snap Shot (p/n TSS200) fault finding/cable length measurement TDR. With the Snap Shot, technicians can measure attachedPlatinum Tools announced the Snap Shot working data lines, electrical cable runs and live coax systems for run lengths, and to see if there are any existing electrical faults while the cable is in use and under power. The product uses an advanced form of spread spectrum time domain reflectometry that allows its use over energized cables to detect, locate and identify fault conditions such as opens, shorts and arc faults on energized cable of all types up to 3,000 feet in length, according to the company. A backlit LCD display shows lengths in feet or meters with an accuracy of better than 1percent for pinpointing any fault or condition. The made in the U.S.A. product includes dual internal memory, which allows users to store cable parameters for reference, while a built-in tone generator with multiple tone capabilities traces found faults.

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